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Just before I went to bed and put my computer on my lap and starts scribbling, I was with my other youth campers at the second floor balcony taking some chances of getting themselves so that on the next days I could be comfortable with their company. Plus, I was trying to talk to a girl who suddenly and unexpectedly caught my attention.

Well, she’s cute I believe. I just can’t stop looking at her or probably can’t stop seeking for her. She is really simple. No makes-ups and anything on her face, wear simple clothes and walk like Maria  Clara (the not so classic version LOL).

I first saw her in the dining area during dinner time of my  first night here. From that time, I started feeling something or  unexplanable feeling for her. Though I’m not really after lover relationships, friends will do. I could be a good friend to her (and of course to everybody) :D

I tried adding her in facebook with the help of my room mate but until now she’s not accepting it though she already had opened her account. I was wondering if she don’t like me to be a friend or she may not know me since we haven’t had any conversation alone.

I’m actually having a hard chance getting a right time to talk to her though until now I am still trying to mingle with her. I was actually thinking of an impressive move hehehe.

Sadly, I got informed that she has boyfriend. Ahhh that is really a bad news. :( Well, as I’ve said friends will do. I could probably contented with it. Hopefully! :D