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National Youth Camp for Peace (NYCP)

Today is the start of, for me, the most anticipated year-end event of my college years the National Youth Camp for Peace. Although there are a lot of school works still waiting for my time, I allotted my Holiday break with this exciting event. Even at times I get to be problematic with what am I gonna do first among theย  lists of projects and final exams and even thought of not attending this camp. After all, I’m here and so far enjoying. :D


I together with other CSB delegates met at the school and rode coaster at 1pm. Then we fetched about 20 delegates from Mindanao at the NAIA airport terminal 3 before we proceeded to Bukal ng Tipan Retreat house Taytay, Rizal. At exactly 3pm, we arrived.


Bukal ng Tipan Retreat House

Since the dinner will start at 6pm and the formal opening at 7:30pm, I took the 3-hour chance to take a rest. Success and embarrassing. Success because I had really great time sleeping with the soothing environment and deafening silence of the place. However, I was late in the dinner because of that ‘soothing’ and ‘deafening’ vocabulary in my head while deeply snoring. HAHAHA



Formal opening of NYCP

At 7:30pm the formal opening of the camp was headed by nanay Ange of BINHI Inc, together with the European groups. As the common program starts, we begin with getting to know each one though I’m not really good at names maybe for those who got my attention (well, they’re only two :D). Afterwhich we picked our angel card. I got my angel Michael which holds thankfulness. Yeah, after this camp, I’ll be thankful to everyone :D


Before we formally close the first session, we sung ‘Kapayapaan’. And the European group brought us surprise. They gave us chocolates all teh way from Switzerland. Asteeeg. :D


with my fellow campers

A bit of rest then go again with other campers for hanging out. Ghost hunting in a super dark place though at the middle some got frightened so we end up running for our lives HAHAHA. Though short time, that was great. It made my body awake and breathe like fish swimming in sand.


This is just the first day yet I’m enjoying my stay. I am looking forward to different activities which actually is my purpose here. Also, I wanna meet new friends. I just hope they’re friendly too just how I approached them. Some are snob or maybe shy but still I am hoping that for the 9 days we are together, I could be friend with them.

That is all for today. See ya’ tom. Goodnight! :))