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My ITD-SA family.

After Paskuhan, another party goes in. December is really like problem-hole opener but party-all-out month. For a little time, I kinda forgotten my queues of school works. And at least, I felt that there’s really time for my social life (though I know there would be time too for cramming LOL).

A while ago was ITD-student assistants Christmas party. And as expected I had so much fun together with my other SAs. From games to performance of each group to kainan of course, I was so active and kept laughing. :))

I won on the two games they prepared. Yeah, kinarir ko ‘to ‘coz I know that was the only way to receive gifts. HEKHEK. And duhhh, I’m really not lucky in raffles. I had joined a lot of it, but gained nothing. That is why I’m not betting my money to sweepstakes ‘coz I know it’ll be wasted. Anyway, that’s another story.

Although I’m not really good at singing, I still tried giving a total performance to give joy to everyone. However, the result was otherwise. It seemed they were annoyed with my voice HAHAHA. kidding. Other performances are also entertaining. Iba talaga talent ng mga SAs. :))

Exchange gifts are also present. For worth 50 pesos I  got a shirt which I do not know if it’s really 50pesos. I wrapped planner naman for whoever picked the number of my gift. I just hoped she’ll (girl got mine) like it. Other than the shirt, I got frame and 2 hankies from the 2 games and token.

And of course my most awaited part, kainan! We don’t have a lot of food though the foods we have are yumyum. Carbonara and cakes and chilled taho. All are sponsored by IT department. Thank you so much.

I’m looking forward to the next party with you guys. WHEW! Congrats for the simple yet so enjoyable party.

One party to go, my friends debut on 25th at Laguna and it’s night swimming :D. Exciiiiting. :))

By the way, below are some of the pics shot on the party:

Paper dance contest. Yeah I won on that game. Malakas ako e LOL.

Group 3’s performance. I dunno how they called it. Basta they’re making shapes from balloons. Asteeeg.

Groups 2’s dance number. Ehem that was on the spot. No synchronization but it was really an entertaining part. So there’s no doubt why they won the best performance. :))


When I got my present. Thank you whoever you are. :))

My super gulong SA family. I love you guys. Keep up the good camaraderie! Godbless us all.