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My classmate arby who is a student of UST, invited us to attend Paskuhan 2010, a yearly party at the centuries old university. So yesterday together with 4 others, Carla, Nino, Antonette and Aleana, we went to the event and just witnessed the party of the year of Thomasians. The experience was really great. Even we didn’t actually watch the program, we enjoyed walking around the big open campus of UST. Plus, the undying humor of everyone. Iba talaga high school friends ko. :))

Below are some of the photos shot at Paskuhan.

Great shot from LALA. The moment we entered UST, we can’t find benches to sit at. And i supposed we were all dumb to walk on with so crowded place. Super dami tao.
I think it’s just 4pm when I shot this. As early as that, everyone is busy hanging around. Sympre pasiklaban na ng mga porma from top to down. And in fact, since it’s an open campus, everyone is welcome even those from la salle and other socialite schools :D
Carla writing our name on small sheets of paper. Why? we had a raffle. Prize? money. How much? it depends. 1 peso per person for a total of 6 is the smallest and 5 pesos per person for a total of 30 is the biggest. We had so much fun doing this. And even before we went home, stucked on our mind is the Gambler‘s rule. HAHAHA. nervousness plus sacrifice plus dismayed all negative yields to a positive result. We all enjoyed it. :D
Who you are laughing at Aleana? The guys at your back? But why? HAHAHA. kidding. well just got a good shot of photo. *ehem* LOL. :D
Start of the program from having a parade na mukhang ewan lang. HAHAHA. Maraming feeling artista though some are cute naman talaga. weee :D
After the parade is always photo shoot. LOL. We’re still deciding on where to eat dinner. Mang inasal, KFC, Jollibee, tokyo tokyo, Mcdo, karinderya. I suggest anywhere basta makakain. Gutom na ako e HAHAHA

Jump shot in front of the fountain. While walking going out the university to “Hunt” Mang Inasal, we noticed this asteeeeg fountain. Cool thing UST. :D

After all, we ended up eating at KFC. The guards aren’t allowing anymore outsiders to enter unless they’ll give their ID. We don’t wanna surrender our IDs so we just ate at the mall-like food station of UST just below the building of College of Accounting.

After KFC, we went to the preserved super antique main building of UST. Took some shots there and wash room since toilet around the campus are crowded like it isn’t toilet anymore. Queues are like queues in LRT or  in dole outs :))

We tried looking a place to seat at the grandstand near the pogram stage but unfortunately, we didn’t find a better one. So instead, we just sat at the lover’s lane then continue with our raffle slash gamble! Sprite lang kami ‘coz I’m the only one allowed or willing to drink beer or other. :))

We continue going around the campus and took a shot in this older than us UST Arch. I learned that freshmen believe that whoever come across that arch will not graduate. Huh?

Behind us is the UST giant Christmas Tree. Thank you Carla for this wonderful shot. And sorry for not being on that woderful picture. LOL. =))))))))))))))

Waiting for a decision. We do not know if we’re going home na or stay pa. Well, usapan is until 10pm. But it was almost 11pm when we went out. Galing talaga. What happened to one hour? We laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Impersonate dora was the best. Fliptop kaya lang walang marunong samin e HAHAHA. Sakit na tiyan ko kakatawa. =))))))))))

Asteeeg shot. At the back is the main building will full of Christmas lights.

I will miss Paskuhan. Yesterday was bitin though I had so much fun being with my friends. Really great experience. See you soon guys. And hopefully we could still attend Paskuhan next year with more HS friends. This is amazing. PARTY LIKE IT’S 2012! :))