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at the photobooth with evan, gemmie and bhabez (just took a shot from the printed one)

One of the promises I made just early this month was to attend a lot of seminars next year within or outside school. It’s actually one of my New Year’s resolution checklist. And as early as now, I started carrying out that promise in attending a talk held in school named “Shoutout”.

This talk discussed about the uses and misuses of Facebook in the workplace and how it affects employees performance toward tasks. Also, they discussed how music plays a big role in performing employees assignments. Everything went well because I understand what it was about.

The two speakers delivered their pieces very well. They are not boring and dull speakers. Actually, when I sensed that it was about to end, I told my seatmate “Bitin” ‘coz I wanna learn more knowing that they still have a lot to say but because of time constraint, they compresssed all the ideas that could possibly add to my understanding about the topic.

I’ll share to you some of the things I learned below.

  • With Facebook: Facebook loses the concentration or focus of employees on their workplace.
  • Jealousy occurs between employees and the work itself.
  • Efficiency ratings of the employees are affected badly.
  • Infringement of privacy occur within the firm.
  • Start of rumors and gossips.

However, it has uses too like making the group of employees connected with each other and the like (information overload?). But, during the question and answer portion, a good question came up which actually was my query too at my seat. A guy asked if HR managers uses facebook as character reference check and does it affect the corporate identity of an employee. One of the speakers answered that they do not. Informal individuality of an employee should be taken as his/her privacy and that personal matters like statuses and photos posted in facebook defines not the formal character of anyone. (if you have questions, ask them for follow-ups :D)

With Music:

  • Music, as proven in science, plays a big role in the performance of a particular person.
  • It shapes the mood of an employee. It should be personal. Meaning, you are the only who can hear the music playing ‘coz some might be distracted with the genre you are in.
  • It does not define the personality of a person, therefore characters judgement cannot be take out from it.

On the other hand, the organization of the program was excellent. Everything was presented well, from logistics to talk proper. Plus, the admission is free and dinner was prepared free too sponsored by Burger King. Also, photo booths and the hi-tech Dance Central were also an attracting activities to do, although I did not dance in dance central ‘coz audience are becoming big and I’m kind of a shy person and not really a good dancer. And my most awaited part, the raffle for ipod touch and ipod nano though I wasn’t picked for those. Overall, the entire program is really BOOOONGGA!

However, there’s one thing I 100% do not like. They were giving gift certificates for people who’ll ask questions. Yeah I know it’s a good strategy to market questions from student, but duh, that is too much. I really disagree to rewards that drive students to participate. :|

Okay, move on to my last litany. I told myself that I wanna organize too an elegant program like this. This is really great. Excellent job Benildeans. :D