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I didn’t really knew that yesterday was the final reading of the decision ofVizconde Massacre case. But through internet and tweets from ABSCBN and GMA, Ihave indirectly witness the Supreme Court decision regarding the case. To my suprise, it favored the accused.

I wasn’t really born yet when that gruesome massacre happened (1991), but I getinterested about it because it only shows how justice goes in the Philippines.Base from articles I’ve read, 1995 was the time when Hubert Webb et. al imprisoned and only 2000 when they were sentenced to reclusion perpetua. I know it is not easy to intervene with this serious kind of matter, but 9 years are too much to suffer from unknown result. What more for almost two decades of uncertainty that everyone thought was already unravel.

I only have two points to consider how Philippine justice ruins life of both parties:

First. I am not against the acquittal of Hubert Webb and others. If they truly not the suspect for that massacre, they then deserve to be freed. It only proves that truth cannot be hid.

But 15 years in jail is too long to waste a life. Imagine the things those people could do with that 15 years of incarceration. They could have been working with a company or may have already put up their own businesses or may have left abroad for vacations or anything for leisure. Emotionally, they could be with their families and spent Christmas and New Years together while bringing the tie of the family stronger and bonded. Or they may already foster 2 to 4 children and brought them up to a better living.

They may even went bars to get party and hang out with friends and like. Or,attend birthdays and weddings and other celebrations they suppose to attend if only they were free. See, how a wrong decision made the lives of these guys taken away from them for with emphasis 15 years. It is absolutely surprising that everyone could experience the same because of a wrong decision made by a few poeple. TSK

Second. I pity Mr. Vizconde  for losing the battle. His family had been sleeping well on their beds for 15 years knowing that after the guilty plea to Webb et. al, they really had permission to focus their lives not on the case anymore.  But for 15 years of mistakenly victory, here comes a  day that he would start all over again, from scracth as if this massacre happened just yesterday or weeks ago. There is no difference between how it felt when that crime first seen and now.

As of this writing, I believe he is weeping and grieving the 15 years of tears he could release all through out the night though it’s really not enough to cry over night  and remember how those people ruined the lives of the only persons he thought of spending the rest of his life. It is really hard to look at the graveyard of these people knowing that the reason behind why they were there was still making a life.

I do not know what would happen next to Webb’s and Vizcondes’, But what I wanna know is how  those justices felt over the misleading result of the case. They already have ruined many lives with this uncertainty and it’s unacceptable  that for so long, it will all end up mournful even the first mentioned isn’t that obvious.

And I hope people would not divert the issue to acquittal of webb et al because the real issue here is who did the crime. The decision of SC is final yet the case is still unfinished. For 15 years, it could be hard to accept that Mr. Vizconde had lived a life of falsehood.

I just hope there will no other instances like this ‘coz one life is too much to be wasted.