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Although I came in late, I attended our Human Rights Program assessment at 1pm to evaluate the entire program we, the advocacy team of Center for Social Action, organized in celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights last December 10. As a whole, it was definitely successful and a victory for everyone.

But of course although it was successful, it isn’t perfect. There were still problems we tried to point out to make solutions afterwards. While discussing, someone (I do not know if I or the other) opened the problem regarding the number of audience or the participating students. ‘Coz during the opening ceremony, we were only few attended it although all the volunteers were informed about the activity. And the fact that they were just chatting with friends outside the office, why they weren’t just go with us to support the CSA project since they are part of it.

Different reasons came out but the same conclusion marked among the group if what was it, I better kept it within the office. And a question suddenly was asked to me by our coordinator: If there are active volunteers, why did they opted to become an active member, like us? Something like that, I just forgot what exactly the question was.

I answered it seriously. I told them frankly that volunteerism contributes to my personal growth. As what I expected, they all laughed. I do not know if I should be offended or take it positively. So to just hide my confusion, I laughed with them though I stood on what I reasoned out ‘coz it’s true. I just told them what I felt and feels toward volunteerism.

I believe we all have reasons for applying in the office to be part of the volunteering unit of the college. Whatever it was, I know it has something to do with ourselves. It’s either gaining friends or we really are interested to volunteering activities, but I know we all looked for something personal gains. We cannot avoid that although beyond that would mean selfishness and cannot totally be called volunteering.

If there’s one valid reason that everyone should have, I believe it has something to do with expanding experiences which patently contribute to our growth as an individual. Because through experiences we discover a lot and we obtain a lot of chances getting to know more who we really are. We often find out hidden strenghts and weaknesses we thought are impossible to contain. And mostly, we learn external morals and certain lessons which enlighten our minds and make us become a person of of goodwill and a person of who we really wanna be as part of the society.

Of course volunteering is not just about my own gain but it isn’t also just about helping out people like giving donations, reliefs or for government sectors, dole out. As what I was told before, being a volunteer is how you become an effective formator who could give them sustainable development. That said, I believe experiences are part of formulating long-lasting solutions to the community. So from experiences to sustainable developments, for me personal growth would take big portion as requisite to greater goods.

Whether they laughed at me for my serious answer, or looking at it as pretentious one, they just saw who really I am and how I took it as a training ground. In the first place, it’s my true answer that counts not their ‘colorful’ laughs and smiles. :D