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I’m so like this.

I know I’ve gone so far in my school. But I know too that there’s a lot more to happen. This term, for me, is the most blooming term I ever had in my entire college life, yet the most tedious and craziest. I never had a problem with all of my subjects except one. One of my major courses, systems analysis and design.

I do  not know if my problem is about the subject itself, or maybe I am just making myself a problem. HELL, every meeting is indeed like a hell. With my super doooooper ingay classmates plus the I-care-not-about-you professor plus disgusting groupmates plus annoying mountain of activities will nearly result to withdrawal of my insanity. darn! I still have a lot of things to do. Please do not prohibit my plans in life. (corny, dumadrama e HAHAHA).

If my professor only taught us well about the topics, I might as well become active in his class and/or do myself all the group acitivities he’s giving. But heck, he’s not. And unfortunately, he is only the professor who teaches that subject. Lagot, wala na to. Talo-talo na. HAHAHA. ‘Coz even trying to understand all the lessons using his pdf files, some or most of it are hanging on my brain. His a big loser and I’m the biggest. Nyay :|

And now, we are asked to make chapter 1,2 and 3 of our project. That is all paperworks. But hephep, not only that, he instucted us to make a video presentation as if we are reporting it to the owner of the company where we undergone study. Isn’t it demanding? I believe we suppose to report it to him not in front of the camera acting like celebrities and other trying hard actors. Tamad lang ata talaga siya kaya pati ako feeling tamad na din. HAHAHA

However, that isn’t my main problem. How am I suppose to gather all my groupmates if in class I can’t make them sit in one place working together with our activity. Lalo pa’t xmas  break is coming. They may go to province for the vacation like I going to Rizal for the youth camp. See? Can we do it in skype? I just hope.

That is just for one subject ‘coz I still have 2 others. One is our group statistical research which I wanna do my own ‘coz giving my groupmates their task on the paper will surely fail me from having 4.0 in midterms to maybe 2.5 this finals. And my programming class which tasked us to make a similar customer, supplier and product form program.

For the last two weeks, I shall finish it all so that I could enjoy my visit to Paskuhan 2010 of UST, birthday celebration of my two friends on 25th, one will be a night swimming at calamba and the most anticipating year-end activity of my year 2010, the youth camp for peace.



Another problem  arrived. The book I borrowed yesterday in LRC was damaged. The baby oil in my bag casted out all over my small bag. So there you go. I’m dead. :|