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Last saturday, I attended the National Youth Camp for Peace (NYCP) pre-orientation seminar at CSB, contemplation room from 8:00am to 5:00pm in preparation for the actual camp hold on December 28, 2010 to January 6 the following year. The 9-hour seminar taught me a lot of reality and how bad our society had gone and keep on going. With our very good speaker, Tita Angge of BINHI Inc., she told us common issues and routines of Filipinos which for us are just nothing and even make fun from it.

While she discussed everything about the camp, I tried to write down all passages that gotten my attention. And all of those passages speak reality. And everything will help everyone to live for a peaceful life. Such are as follow:

Differences make us afraid. People, most often Filipinos who belonged to inferior society, tend to be underwhelmed seeing others superior over them. We become shy of ourselves while comparing them to us and feeling degraded and/or dishonored. However, differences aren’t the reason for us to compare. Differences are only proofs that we are designed for unique purposes.

There is power in silence. In a world where everyone is looking for survival, time is being ignored or better I say, time is  not felt. Being tired is a proof that sun sets while we thought that we still have to do something. 24 hours let us witness the clamor of the society. If there’s time for tranquility, that is when we felt tired and the need to rest. At times, 24 hours is not enough for us to make our day, because being at peace is sacrificed and left unnoticed.

Do not suppress your anger. There ‘s nothing wrong showing off your anger unless you did something physical to yourself and others. Being angry is a form of releasing tension. It makes us free from the negative emotion we felt. Therefore, we could lighten the heavy sentiment we reach which ruins part of our lives. Remember this: It is good to be patient but that doesn’t mean you have to suppress your anger.

Be open. Being open gives off negative feelings. Locking up yourself to negative ambiance attracts negative impact. Otherwise, it paves way for beauty.

Be true, just say what is you. Stop thinking. If you want to be free, do no let your brain filter what’s your tongue gonna speak out. Being pretentious wouldn’t make you free. But yourself alone is enough to make you live peacefully.

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me. There are several misconceptions on how to be peaceful. But what others do not know is that  there are several simple ways on how to start making yourself peaceful. Focusing on what is happening to you right now will make you peaceful. When you eat, enjoy the food you are eating. You must swallow and absorb the nutrients of your food and not the negative forces surround you. Focus to a friend you are talking. Admit that at times, we are absent-minded towards them. And that makes us not free and peaceful. Concentrating to one thing ignores problems, thus it frees us from anything that hinder us to be happy.

Joy is what the world’s need. Happiness gives us positive feeling. While positive feeling understands each heart. There’s nothing we could ask for that is affordable than joy. We could even bought it our own. The thought of being happy will reflect and act upon your life. And it’s contagious, indeed.

And the most favorite I heard;

All of us have calling since we were born, but only few have tried answering it.

Lastly, there’s no peace in war. Some people think that armed forces would provide us peace, that’s why like in the Philippines, we called it the ‘peace officers’. But no that wouldn’t. Being at peace begins from being peaceful. And being peaceful doesn’t need bombs and bullets, only a kind and open heart that is willing to understand.