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JENESYS and NYC logo

For the past two weeks, I’ve been busy accomplishing all my requirements for the JAPAN-EAST ASIA NETWORK OF EXCHANGE FOR STUDENTS AND YOUTHS (JENESYS) PROGRAMME in cooperation of National Youth Commission (NYC). This program aims to send Asian students to Japan for short-term study on environmental issues and as part of the goal, bind Asian youth and students to be as one. The requirements are not that a lot but it made my day problematic though excited. And a while ago, I just passed my application to NYC at Quezon City.

Together with the coordinator of Advocacy team of CSA who’s applying too for supervisor category (who actually told me about this program), we went to NYC at around  9:30am and got back to school passed 2pm. That was really stressful though the ‘tour’ has a lot to say. It’s really great.

We arrived at around 10:30 am in NYC to pass the requirements. In less than 5 minutes, we’re done. But we stayed longer there because Ms. Meps’s classmates in UP are working in the commission. And you know girls, they love chit-chatting all the time HAHAHA. Though I didn’t get bored and out of place with them ‘coz I understand them. There are reading materials like newspapers available in their office so I just read several articles which I really need ‘coz I’m kinda outdated of the current happenings in the world.

Ms.Meps afterwards talked about her project of having a  sort of leadership training to ALS (Alternative Learning students) Program and to Student Orgs and Council in school ‘coz she and the office thought that the last two are not properly functioning given enough fund from the college. Behind my back, I definitely agree with her. They’re not really doing what are expected to them. Student orgs in school are just like barkadahan while the student council levels down to and function like student orgs.

I forgot what next did they talked about ‘coz I’m serious reading an inquirer article about true stories behind photojournalists’ award-winning photos. Anyway, we departed at NYC almost lunch time. Ms. Meps earlier told me to come with her in UPD to fetch a document. Oh yeah, at last I got a chance to step in on UP campus.

The ‘plus one’


behind me is the famous oblation

I’ve never been visited the campus in my entire life making it the reason of my excitement to enter the university. We went first to beach house (correct me if i’m wrong) to eat lunch. I bought their specialty, barbecue, together with two orders of rice and a c2 at 92pesos, not bad for a lunch. Afterwards, we went to the shopping center for nothing HAHA. Ms. Meps just toured me to the center where they bought their stuffs and mainly to photocopy paper docs.

While walking, I felt enviness at some point. I remember when I was highschool, how I wish studying in a large university with a lot of trees and grasses and tambayan areas where I could rest or study. Or, just walk or jog within the campus smelling fresh air from the plants and trees. It’s definitely soothing.

Okay Tony time for reality. We rode UP ikot to go to College of Social Works and Development where Ms. Meps currently enrolled in for her Doctorate course. Before we went home, we visited the oblation to take some pics since it was the signatory landmark of the campus. At last, UP experience is already checked in my mission. Time to go home.

Even it saps almost all of my energy, I really appreciate this day. Great tour. Great Adventure. :))