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Yesterday, I opened my yahoo email account and got a message from the treasurer of the Central Committee of Student Assistants. It says there:

 For those Newly Hired SA’s kindly pass your time sheet for November 16-30, 2010 cut-off. Deadline is until tomorrow 12pm. Kindly put it on CL2 clipboard. Sorry for late information, so kindly transfer your duty entries from DTR to Time sheet. Here are the names of the new SA who will use time sheet:

With my so ‘sensitive’ mind, I found something wrong with this. The email is somewhat demanding which eventually would cram the new student assistants just like what had happened with my friend who was new to this. She don’t know what she gonna do with the sudden change and telling me this and that and blah blah. I understand her to act like that because like what I’ve said, there must be something wrong with them.

So I replied.

But you should have told them earlier ‘coz they’re not familiar  using the timesheet. and they maybe already forgotten their duties prior to the cut-off.


I do not know if there’s something wrong with what I said. My concern is to give comment to what they did which for me is not professional where on the other point should we practicing since we are working for the school. Sadly, they took it personally.

While having my late lunch, I was with three other SAs. And the email became the topic. I just learned then, that they too thought that there must have tension between me and the treasurer which couldn’t be possible because in the first place I have no issue with her. And my real intension is to make a comment and make her realize that on the next time, she should inform the new SAs about changes as  early as possible since they still need to accustom with the environment and how our job works. As well, I’m expecting her to give all the SAs a valid reason for telling them late which I and others would probably understand.

Nothing more than that. If there is since they took it personally, I wonder what. But what made this issue got into my nerve was when a member of Central Committe came in to CSA office. I told her of my absence for this day. But she responded kinda harsh. She verbally said ‘joke’ seriously. So, was it considerably a joke? I don’t think so.

Are they thinking that I’m making myself superior over them? I can’t guess of other impression to what they thought than this. If making myself professional enough for this job steps down their egos, they then do not deserve where they are now. You may deserve something stupid elses. It’s totally about our job and not your personal thing. In fact, I  do not care about yourself. I only care about is my job!

Meanwhile, to make an organization more effective it needs interaction of the high level positions with its subordinates. So I think, I just did my part. But if making responsive and cooperative reduces your authority of being in a higher position, do not think I’m levelling on you. With this, you just prove to me how immature are you and while I think broader than you.

I believe this issue wouldn’t strucked me like this if you are only big girls enough to proficiently face remarks and observations. Like  what I am repeatedly saying here, it was all about our job so do not make it too personal. So please, I demand you to stop thinking over your ego.