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Another activity where which I was one of the organizing member has done successfully. So before anything else, I must Congratualate the Advocacy Team for making the Human Rights Week program a Yessss! But hep hep! That was just the start. Though making a very good start would probably go on with the other as the spirit of success already lived up in us.

The opening ceremony supposedly started at 1pm but yeah, we are Filipinos so we still waited for 30 minutes. Traffic, busy, whatever reasons, those certainly make us Filipinos. Anyway, the audience are not that big though we have a cooperative one making it looked like a crowd. With the lively emcees and very good speakers and standing-ovation performances, it made the whole event a victory.

However, that almost-an-hour opening program had been prepared for how many days. Roughly, it loaded up my already-ruined  schedule. The good thing is, I enjoyed more spending hours with this than sitting infront of the computer and dealing with my unending paperworks. Truly, I loved more talking with people, making agreements and setting up and planning the entire flow of the event than making myself insane talking with myself while scratching my head of irritation.

I was assigned to send a letter and talked to Learning Resource Center to agree about the use of TV carts in some areas of the school. Also, I did layout of the sample ballots for voting purposes since there will have photo contest which also was an idea of the Advocacy Team. I also helped set up the center stage where photo entries are placed. And mainly, I tried to update other members on the progress of the plan using our secret group in Facebook.
Since this is just one of the things I am currently busy with, I sometimes forgot appointments like meetings called by our coordinator, tasks like the sample ballots where I just suddenly learned when it was asked to me and updates of the event, though I hastily made up on these. It kinda stressed me out, really.

But after opening the event and found out that all pressure and anxiety turned worthy, I must say after stress, I enjoyed doing these things. And I must enjoy more the coming events like the film showing and the concert at UP Diliman. The event will last ’til December  10, exact date of the Human Rights Celebration. And I hope, I could learn from these acitivities.
One Successful activity down, a lot more to go. And I’m excited about it. Animo Advocacy! :))