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One of the best way to spend long-weekends is to catch up with a long-time-no-see friend which fortunately was given chance to meet one. While I’m studying in Manila, she’s spending her college life in Los banos. It’s been a long while, more or less 2 years, since the last time we met, and I believed that was graduation ย day. Yeah it was.

Though the connection between us are still active through facebook. We chat often but not talk much of our personal goings, more on asaran talaga. So I guess that meet up was more on missing each one rather than the idea of fetching things for some help I asked. Yeah, I believed we’ll not meet if that wasn’t the reason. But that reason was our chance to see each company.ย 

Something has changed. We’re already college so that’s expected. And of course, that would be the very first thing we did because we haven’t seen each other for a long time- describe the changes in our physical appearances, how some changed, and how some improved? LOL.

We talked much of studies, the differences between our universities though I know academically, my college has no guts compared to hers. And with that, I envy her. I told her that I missed my high school classmates, my intelligent high school classmates. That’s when I started confessing of my detestations (though not so much) towards my college.

Anyway, I really had a good conversation with her which I shouldn’t be surprised ‘coz she really is an interesting converse mate just like how we were before. And just how I miss the group, like talking with them intelligently or having smart discussions or wise-humurous one that students’ around me can’t do. Sorry, but I’ve been longing to meet youthful yet matured enough to talk to like HS friends, not like college classmates.

And, could love life be not a topic? HAHA. Of course that’s impossible. To teens like us and to girl like her, that shouldn’t pass over.But there’s nothing new to us. We are still members of SMP (Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko) though we still have less than a month to look after our partners LOL. However, secrets have been told HAHA. Let’s just keep it to the both of us, alright? :))

This is my claim: I know talking with her will give me some things to think about and some things to absorb in life. That’s how I love talking with this person. There’s always a product and time isn’t wasted. Impliedly, she gave me new inspiration. I told her that I’m so lazy to study recently seeing students not taking their studies seriously. It’s so contagious, badly. But with her dedication in her education and knowing that she’s trying to gradute earlier by overloading thesis on her sched, I just realized I should be doing the same. And I should not be affected of my schoolmates’ behavior but be influenced of how my HS friends study hard to fit in their professions. Yeah, I must be successful.

Thank you for making this day worthy. If only we have a lot of time, or if only time ticks so slow, we could talk so much things of us. I’m so proud being your friend and being you as my friend. I must say I’m lucky. I really look up you for who you are. You’re just simply amazing. Thanks so much. Until next time. :)