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Lovers’ Lane at UST

It’s fun to invade UST Campus with my insider friend. The open grounds are really interesting and it captures my physical body as I connoted it as ‘future tamabayan’. Though that wouldn’t happen ‘coz im outsider and not suppose to enter rival university LOL.

We  walk in like I was so nervous thinking that I might not be welcome in the campus. However, the opposite happened. Non-thomasians can go in and out of the school anytime because of, as what my  friend told me, the hospital. So I must thank the hospital coz it let me in. Anyways, we directed to an area where they called it the ‘lovers lane’.

From the creative name itself which I assume given by the students, you’ll see there couples so sweet though not making PDAs. With the dramatic light forms and music coming from the awards night that time, that night was a perfect timing to be sentimental together with a partner. That must be an attracting scence. BUt whom will I be with? ahhh It made me feel cold. It’s already 8pm and my home is way far from UST. But I felt like I don’t wanna gome home yet. I liked the ambiance around me. The feeling of being in love was really rushing. However, watching lovers melted my whole. But the only thing I did was to reminisce pasts. Wooshhooo. Though sometimes, I envy in-relationships students. I wish I was with my girl holding hands and kissing. That’s really pathetic imagination.

Ahh. I suddenly became paranoid. Erase. Erase. My only girl is still in the making while I’m still preparing. So that at the time we meet each other, we don’t have ifs and buts ‘coz we’re sure enough that we really are meant for each other. How Sweet. HEHE.

I better go ‘coz the night was deepening. Or should I say, the night was making me in love with no one. That’s crazy! Lovers Lane, I’ll be going back there. You made me emotional last night.