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Courtesy of Arby Orca.

It’s exactly` 11:42pm. IPod is playing my favorite RnB Mellow songs starting with Alicia Key’s Doesn’t Mean Anything. Everybody is asleep. A better time to reminisce the day that if I’ll only be given a chance, I would want it to be equivalent to 48 hours. *Ehem* *ehem*, sorry my sore throat is staging to cough. Anyway…

If there’s one word to describe myself now, I would not answer (stupid start LOL) because one word is not enough to define how I feel right now. Spending my day with what I have just done before only means life. And ending it in a few minutes doesn’t matter. My birthday will be over but who cares? It’s the moment that I cherished not the ticks of the clock that passed by. Even so. I’m still 17. Yeah, I’m 17 again! :))

With a super cute squashy kiss of my nephew, I opened my eyes and telling myself that yeah it’s my day today. But I am not expecting much or even just expecting something. Birthdays are just normal day for me, for the family. It’s just a day of being free from problems, from utos, from sermon, or from anything that badly make my day. And tomorrow, you have to go back to your cinderella life. Your day is over. Wait for another 365 days before making yourself free over again. So for a change, I tried spending it to the most possible way I can to make myself enjoy my day.

I actually have work today but heck it’s my day ya know. I shouldn’t be a slave for this time. But I still went to school because I wanna see my KKB family. KeeeeeyKeeeeeeeyBeeeeeee!!! (I wrote it that way coz if I’ll write it like KKKKKKBBBB, few might read all the Ks and Bs or if I wrote it like KaaayKaayBEEE, some might read it Filipino way, as in KAY KAY, FUDGE!) When I opened the door, the boombastic voice of Dom sang Happy Birthday then everybody followed. But I’m so shy ‘coz we should be starting at 10am but I arrived pass 10:30am (blame my sore throat it didn’t allow me to sleep hehehe). And I should be the leader for that day but I’m not ready. I’m so dumb yesterday to prepare (maybe everyday! LOL). Anyhow, I just want to thank you all for the prayers. You guys are simply the best  while the LORD is the BESTEST!

Afterwards, I went to Megamall with a friend to watch Deathly Hallows part 1 (I’ll not write anything about the movie, it’s my birthday today so I must be the lead and not Harry or Hogwart’s dead body LOL). I just enjoy the Megamall get-together. And I realize, nakakalito pala sa megamall just the same as MOA HAHAHA. And Mcdo‘s double cheeseburger is the best. And of  course the twister fries HAHAHA. I so love the foods. If only I have a lot of bucks, I might bought each for the family. The movie ended at exactly 4:30pm and so we need to separate ways though her presence is still captivating on my eyes (opps, I’m not in love, just exage!). I don’t know what am I gonna do next but/and I don’t wanna go home yet. So I just walked wherever my feet bring me. And it brought me to Seven eleven, cheap LOL. Better ‘coz my phone is empty. At least while staying there, I could charge my phone. While on there, wala lang. Senti mode while absorbing the soothing sound of the music player. Again reminiscing. When it’s already 6, I decided to went home.

While walking I just asked myself if the people around me knew that it was my birthday. DUH?!?! Stupid question TONYO. Of course not, who the heck are you? Artista ka ba? HAHAHA.  Wala lang, I just realized that there are people who spend their special day in a most simple way they can that is why people surrounding you are not aware of it.  I mean, I don’t have to tell everyone that it’s my birthday today but the fact that this day is special, I can’t help but to keep it to myself because I have none to give. ARGH. I can’t explain well what am I thinking. Let me put it this way.

I imagine myself like a 25 centavo coin that wherever it is, if not seen its worth is just ignored of everyone. Acting simple yet truly is special.

Ewan. Ang drama ko lang! :))

Buti na lang I saw an aged woman who asked for a small help. Buti nga siya pinansin ako e. Anyway, I just gave what she asked. Nakakaawa lang kasi ‘coz she deserves rest. She shouldn’t be in that area pleasing everyone to give her little money while those heartless people are just ignoring her. After dramatic state came a life’s purpose. And I feel great after that. I consider it an invincible gift. Elusive yet real.

Because of the positivity it brought  me, I decided to bring home food for the family. I didn’t really plan it ‘coz my allowance is just limited for the next 2 weeks. BUt because of that woman, I realized I should be thankful for my family. I should be spending this day with them first over the others because they already knew my worth before anyone else. With my 500 hundred pesos, I bought a family size Greenwhich Pizza, chicken barbecue for mama and a dozen of donuts. SWAK. That was the simple celebration I only wanted. Not elegant but meaningful.

So yeah, I’m really happy right now. Even on a restricted time, I have forgotten all unwanted thoughts of my heart. I just felt myself. And I sensed that this is the start of something new in the family, the only desire that I wanna meet. I hope this could be real.

Above all, I thank the LORD for the life He has given me. And the new life He has shared to me. The strength He showered upon my life and the wisdom that I owe to Him. He is really great. He already changed me to a better one.

My 18th birthday is just simply consequential!

Time check, it’s already 12:38am. Now playing  Never Knew I Needed by neyo. Time to sleep. Birthday is over but not the treasuures. Dates pass but not memories! :))