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I didn’t expect starting my day with a so hard laughter. When I left home for a workshop and rode the train, I saw a long-time friend. Well, my high school friend and classmate, my partner in crime!

At first glance, I know something funny will happen. HAHA. If we are together, expect a ROFL (rolling on the floor while laughing) situation. And that’s what really happened. And of course dating gawi, punahin ang mga tao (understatement LOL) though limited only ย to our classmates because of time ‘coz I know we have a lot of jokes and funny comments to say. And kami lang ata maingay lalo na ย sa boses kong sobrang laki tapos tatawa pa, nagboses demonyo na. HAHAHA

Wala lang, I just remember how days were before college. Sobrang saya! Nakakamiss lang yung bonding namin and the unstoppable ‘trips’ and ‘last-day-hilarity’. And the fact na siya pa ang partner ko sa kalokohan, naku po! I always ready water ‘coz I know matutuyuan ako ng lalamunan kakatawa.

And that time made me realize how I wanna go back to high school where I used to laugh everytime! Or gave us chance to see each other with some of our friends. Or just lengthen my destination or even better, no destination at all; forever passenger.