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The problem with students when they’re in a group is because they tend to be dependent to those who are more responsible on the tasks given. Lalo na ngayong college, where a lot of  ‘freeloaders’ spread out of the campus. Well, what’s new with this. Ako lang naman ang hindi aware na mangyayari ‘to ‘coz when I was high school , team projects were accomplished by all the members. And what’s interesting was that there’s no leader because we believe that everyone is a leader!

But changes come, as they said. So even I tried hard to be working in group and acted as a very responsible leader, wala talaga. Ako’t ako pa rin ang gagawa ng lahat. I have divided loads but it all end up to me working on it. So what’s the use of specialization if I am the only functional member of my group.

Like in my Systems Analysis class. We are a group of three but I am the only one doing the projects while they’re benefiting from it. Pero dahil sa sobrang inis ko nagpass ako ng 2 projects nang hindi sila kasama. Ano kayo palamunin ng grade? Buti nga sinama ko kayo sa ibang project e kaya wag na kayo magreklamo kung kayo wala tas ako meron. You deserve it. You are getting your points in doing nothing.

And the incident just a while ago is currently ruining  my day. I asked my groupmate to work on our Statistic part 2 revised project. She said okay but the next day, HELLLL! She didn’t finish it all. And we were late because I tried to save the project but time isn’t enough so I failed!

What’s so irritating me is she only needs to work on some corrections our stat professor has noted in the first draft. And take note, our first draft grade which I did was 99%. Meaning to say, a bit of corrections are just needed and the data in that project will only be transfered to the template given.  But darn, FAIL!

So I’m expecting that project to be a total loss. If I only knew that this would happen, I just did the project my own. I can do it alone without their help. And I can have my own Statistical research without anyone of you.

And in any projects, I can only depend on myself because you are all b*llSh*t. I know I’ll have grades higher than you expect. Or if not, at least I can only blame myself. And I can’t compare and count what have you done that benefited the whole. Because if I’ll do that, I’ll just making myself annoyed.