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Is fame more important than integrity and competence? I sometimes asked my school like this whenever I saw athletes who apparently represents the college. I will not be biased with this post though it might seem favorable to others. Just an opinion!

This is what I’ve noticed resulting me to write something about it. Whenever I buy food at the school’s cafeteria and there are athletes buying foods too, I frequently see them holding food stubs. I just became so  curious about it that made me think how was their allowance going.

I remember a friend of mine who was an athlete told me that he is receiving six thousand pesos (Php6000) a month, that is Php18,000 per term. Huh? Imagine, that’s too high for a non-varsity. And the hell, he belonged to football team, the not-so focus of the college.

E saang sport ba ang concentration ng lahat ng Colleges and Universities dito? It even typecasts Collegiate sports competition. I bet you know already. Well, you’re right, it’s basketball. Halos mabalewala na nga ibang mga hindi kilalang sports dahil dito e, right? But, does my school receive several awards and praises from it with its players?

Ilang taon na bang hindi nakakasama sa championship ang school namin? I doubt if you have counted 1 or 2 or 3. It wasn’t on the line since then. But this team is receiving million peso for their budget. Sa kanila nga ang may pinakamalaking allowances compare to other athletes. Pero sino ba ang laging  nagcha-champion and runner ups? chess team. Badminton. Track and field. Volleyball. And most of it came from women delegations.

Naalala ko nga my prof told us that hindi na sana binibigyan ng ganung kalaking pera yung basketball team because they’re not doing their jobs. Nagpapakasarap lang sila sa mga allowances nilang hindi naman nila pinaghihirapan. Yeah, they  are practicing (which they really must do) but their performance isn’t enough to be on top. I mean, okay let’s remove the concept of being the champion, but are they motivated? dedicated?

I was informed too that these guys are fund of going to bars. Dian ba nila nilalaan pera nila? For girls? For drinks? For cigar? Well, walang masama dun it’s their freedom pero sana hindi naman nila pinapabayaan yung responsibilidad na binigay sa kanila ng school. The school wants fame, that’s obvious. Kaya nga binibigyan sila ng ganung kalaking pera for fame!

Pero kung ganun na lang lagi, kawawa naman mga estudyanteng gustong mag-aral pero walang pamasahe o kahit pangkain man lang sa school. I know, there are scholar students, who happen to have not received any allowances from the college, go to school with only transpo money. E panu naman sila gaganahang mag-aral kung ang iniinda nila while on class ay yung kumukulo nilang tiyan? Indeed, it’s difficult to work on something when you feel uncomfortable. Ang hirap kaya try mo!!!

And there are instances na nagiging classmate ko pa ang mga athlete na ‘to and grrrr kung hindi mahahangin, mga walang pakialam sa class. Isn’t the college waste huge amount of money for non-sense beneficiaries? E kung binibigay na lang nila yun sa mga tunay na nangangailangan, hindi man nila makita yung mabilisang effect nun sa college but at least in the future, as soon as these people get their jobs,  the college has been implicitly part of their success. Hindi man makita ng maraming tao, it is a pleasure that makes you sigh happily and smile completely.

Minsan pa, ang dami-daming projects sa school. E san naman nila kukunin yung pera kung sarili ngang pangkain ng pamilya nila nagigipit sila. Tama nga yung sinabi ng isa kong kaibigan. Aanhin mo naman yung scholarship that school has granted you kung wala ka namang pamasahe papuntang school. Aabsent at aabsent ka rin hanggang bumagsak ka sa subject because of absences and eventually dropped out dahil sayo papabayaran ang 50-60 thousand tuition fee ng college.

Hindi ko pinapakialaman diskarte ng school ko sa pera nila. I don’t even have the right to complain for the money I didn’t own and for the money I’ve also been assisted. Napapansin ko lang hindi talaga fair yung nangyayari sa school that there are people na nagpapakasarap sa pera while there are students who crave for assistance yet the college is blind for it!