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Why people have to suffer from things they’ve just thought will benefit the others? At times, we have to be thankful pa nga with these people because if not them, sino na lang ang mga taong pwede nating asahang tutulong sa mga taong may importanteng pangangailanagan? Just like honesty in surrendering things they didn’t own!

In my work, it is our responsibility to monitor the activities of the school’s computer laboratories. We should record important goings inside the lab. And occasionally, we should check each computer terminals if there are items left by the students and other computer users and send it to the Office of Student Behavior lost and found section if there is. Yeah, it’s so simple as that. But what makes it complicated is when some people are claiming things they aren’t suppose to do especially at times they have left something like wallet, flash drive, notebook or even laptops and we haven’t found anything during those times. Or, we have found their stuffs and surrendered it completely! Much worse is when higher authority sided not to us.

Currently, I am struggling with my friend’s/Co-Student Assistant’s problem. I will not elaborate here what had happened. It’s their right to make it private within us. I’ll just try to cite insights about how the investigation is going under the Office of Student Behavior and IT Department.

My friend approach me yesterday and seriously, awang-awa ako sa kanya! It is actually a burden of two ‘coz they are both on duty during the incident. The other one (older student assistant than my friend) approach the Central Committee or CC(students also who are higher than us) and told what happened and definitely the pity is in her, not to my friend. Lalo na when that CC approach my friend and asked about the incident. ‘Coz the way she did it, parang meron siyang pinapaboran!

This incident happened 4 days ago. Pero iilan lang ang nakakaalam. Kahit ibang mga  SA hindi ‘to alam, kahit ibang mga CC! Ang pinagtataka ko, this should be a concern of all SAs. Kaya yung mga CC na nakakaalam dapat they’re making a move para maging focus naming lahat. At least we can make a solid decision on how we’re going to deal with it.

Isa pa, wala dapat kayong kinakampihan! It is not about who is older and who is not. It is not about who is your friend and who is not. And not about your non-basis opinions! If there’s one na dapat madehado, I believe it should not be between the two of them. They’re just SAs who are honest to give in what are not them.

I tried to talk to one CC about this. And thanks for making an immediate move. She went to the OSB together with my friend to explain their side. Suprisingly, when my friend went back to me, she’s half crying. Tinanong ko kung bakit at isang nakakapesteng sagot ang narinig ko! Tinakot raw siya ng OSB na bayaran man nila o hindi yung nawala, one of them will be kicked out! They enumerated all the possibilities pero hindi naniniwala ang mga taong to sa sinasabi nila. Technicalities whatever you are saying, you are not supposed to do that! Act your position!

This is really unprofessional! Sa mga bagay na katulad nito, hindi ninyo dapat tinatakot ang mga students lalo na sa mga bagay na wala kayong proof. This is still under investigation so better shut your big mouth up and do not make conclusions. Ang hirap kaya matulog sa gabi na alam mong in the near future, something EXCRUCIATING will happen in your life. Isa pa, you’re not suppose to be biased. You’re in-charge of handling the case so dapat you are open to their statements and explanations. Hindi yung nirereject niyo agad without due process. And never ever show where you side. Daanin niyo sa legal na proseso!!!

I tried to ask my Political Governance professor about the issue. And from him, sinabi niya impliedly na hindi dapat ganun ang sinabi ng OSB. To give us courage, he said may laban kami sa kasong ‘to which OSB has earlier denied to us. Though sinabi rin niyang we have mistake in some aspects, I believe the truth is with us.

Now, I’m planning to file a case against OSB dahil sa ginawa nilang ‘to. Ayaw ko ng gulo. What I wanted is to make everything in its righteousness. At least hindi na ‘to ulit mangyayari pa sa iba. And I don’t want them to have sleepless night too dahil sa mga bibitawang salita ng opisinang ‘to. I’m trying to call the attention of all to support me para hindi lang ako ang lalaban sa karapatan ng mga estudyante. And I’m taking advices muna sa mga mas nakakaalam ng patakaran ng school before taking a move.

Alam ko magulo ang utak ngayon ng kaibigan ko. She’s even saying na hindi na siya tutulong ulit sa mga bagay na katulad nito kung ikapapahamak lang din naman niya. Bakit ba sa mundong ‘to, laging dehado ang mga nagpapakabuti? That’s why instead of commiting good deeds, pinapabayaan na lang nila ang mga bagay na alam nilang sila ang kinakailangan. Kaya hindi nababalance ang kabutihan sa kasamaan e dahil bad guys are proudly out there while the good ones are quiet in the corner.