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I remember when I was high School, I was so keen to graduate college and work supposedly as to what career I wanna pursue. Sa sobrang hirap kasi ng buhay, gusto ko nang kumita ng pera para hindi na ako pabigat sa bahay. At para mabili ko na rin mga bagay na gusto kong bilhin! Saya nun.

And when I got college, I’m taking every major lessons seriously to be academically competent and highly competetive with my career (para pag-agawan ako ng iba’t ibang kumpanya HAHAHA). And now I’m in college, lalo lang akong nagmamadali makagraduate ngayong alam ko na kung saang kumpanya gusto kong magtrabaho and deliver my unexpected profession.

Last saturday, I just became over again eager to graduate (as in graduate tomorrow) in college to find a job and get a so different life. I was on my way exiting the school when I saw bunch of students fitting their graduation gown. Ahhh. They’ll be graduating this October, am just not sure what’s the exact date. Kakainggit!

I am expecting to graduate on time like they did. Sometimes, I tend to interview higher batches asking if taking up major subjects in summer vacations is a possible way to end schooling early. Sad to say, the college isn’t allowing my plan. But if that’s just permissible, jeeez I’ll be graduating tomorrow! Kidding.

Though minsan natatakot din akong baka pagkagraduate ko, TAMBAY ang patunguhan ko at magbilang na lang ng mga taong dumadaan sa harap ng bahay. Like how some graduate students are experiencing, STOCK-UP sa pangangalaga ng kanilang ina’t ama. Though that is the thing I won’t allow. I don’t wanna waste planting myself in school if I just don’t bear any fruit. What’s the use? It’s like buying a phone and not planning to put loads in it.

I am really excited to make my hired-at-first-glance resume! Sana nga lang effective gagawin kong resume para hindi ako mahirapang maghanap ng trabaho at para hindi ako mahirapang makapasok sa kumpanyang I wanna work with. I remember way back high school, I loved my student resume! Parang gusto ko na ngang ipass yun sa ilang kumpanya and see if it’ll work.

At this time, I am also reading some tips in making resumes. Though hindi lahat e naaabsorb ng utak ko. So what I have to do is to try to save all of those reading articles from different sites, mostly from yahoonews, so that when I’m needing it I have something to search on and review. Tips for interviews are my next target (though I have read one, from yahoonews also).

If you have tips to share with me, kindly write on comments, Thanks! :))

But of course, before anything else, I should be well-equipped after college. Kelangan ready akong makipagbakbakan sa magulong buhay na ‘to ng totoong mundo. That’s why I tried my best to understand every details of the lessons kahit na nakakatamad ibang professors. They shall not be the reason of anyone’s failure. If there is, that must be you– that must be me. But I don’t wanna be the blame of my failure so I have no choice but to not flunk!

My ever-waited dearest graduation day, come on me faster with a say! :))