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Tonight, I’ll be cheesy and corny and in love!


EndLEss Love


If there’s one great thing that I would want to have in my life, I must say it’s one great love, an endless love. Alam ko everyone wanted to find their one true love pero bihira lang sa buhay ng tao nangyayari ‘to. Siguro iilan lang ang mga taong nakakaranas ng mga ganitong special episode sa kanilang buhay and I know iilan lang ang mga taong nakakapagkwento ng ganitong undescribable experiences.

That’s why I was so eager to write about something to the recently ended soap opera in GMA, Endless Love. Firstly, I was just really amazed with the story. It makes me feel so in love every night (ang korny ko). Bihira lang ako maamaze sa mga pinoy stories coz most of them are gasgas na!

I wasn’t really fund of watching pinoy soap operas. There are times I find it so korny or has overacting story. Most have predictable storyline and have ineffective actors. Lalo na sa GMA Network! Hindi ko talaga gusto taste ng GMA Executives. I am certified Kapamilya. Nagkataon lang na sa dinami-rami ng channels na nasasagap ng antenna, GMA 7 lang ang available. Pero buti na lang that thing happened. Kung hindi, wala akong nakikitang reason para magtatatatakbo kakamadli umuwi dahil Endless Love na!

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes do really have chemistry. They look awesome infront of the camera. And everytime they speak up their lines, the love is starting to feel by its audience. Yun nga lang hindi ganun karami ang scenes nila together. Yet, their scenes, I guess, are the most awaited part of their fans.

Mostly, t’was Jenny-and-Andrew moment. They also have chemistry and I must give Dennis Trillo credit for acting more than how Dingdong did. He is really a brilliant actor. Makikita mo sa kanya kung gaano nasasaktan ang mga taong hindi nakukuhang mahalin ng mga taong mahal nila. Though in that show, Jenny can’t just love Andrew the way she loves Johnny.

It was also consisted of award-winning actors and actresses. Janice De Belen who acted as Jenny’s mom made my eyes teary when she found out that her daughter was diagnosed of Leukemia. Hindi ko na nga naalala pangalan niya dahil ‘nay’ lang lagi ang naririnig ko. And what’s funny is whenever Janice has a scene, if not eating in the table, she is ironing clothes with face towel in her right shoulder (you can review it lol).

One highlight moment there was when Tirso Cruz III and de Leon, found out that Jenny wasn’t really their daughter and that theirs was the daughter of Janice de Belen who is Shirley while Jenny was Janice’s daughter. While on that situation de Leon, who can’t accept that truth, tried to convince Jenny to go with her to States. But Jenny refuses it. That was really a touching scene! uhhh…(I will not enumerate all the actors but one thing I shall say is they are all good)

Im becoming Korny!…

Anyway, what’s different to this soap opera was that it has lesser kissing and flirty scenes unlike most of the Philippine Tv shows. The story just revolved to a lovely simple ‘Maria Clara‘ girl. Nakakabilib nga e. You can see Marian wearing not so sexy dresses. Kadalasan pa nga may blazers pa siyang suot in casual conversations. Which I guess is better and shall be applied to all seryes. Wag puro katawan at breath-taking kissing scenes and ipakita nila. Make the story great to make greater impact to the viewers than making the actors and the scenes sexy!

Isa pa, makikita mo how one girl made every characters connected with each other and eventually make a larger impact to the story. Also, it shows how the lead character changed the other characters with her acting alone. Lalo na nung ending. That makes my sisters and my cousins cry! Nadala sila ng scene ni Jenny and Johnny while taking their last few moments together. It’s really the part everyone shouldn’t missed of.

This is just an awesome project (though not original)! They shall all get awards from this. Most especially Marian and Janice! They deserve recognition! :))