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I haven’t gotten a chance to watch PNoy’s report speech yesterday ‘coz I was in school all day (busy student, eh?) But that doesn’t hinder me to learn the content of it. I just read the entire speech few minutes before this writing and just inspired to make a blog telling his administration’s early achievements. (I’m really an optimist person that’s why I look forward to PNoy’s administration and support his campaign sa tuwid na landas ‘coz I know he’ll not deliver us to worse scenarios of life)

PNoy’s speech welcomes the crowd with his fierce accusation to the previous government as ‘tatlong matsing’ for being blind, deaf and for lying. Comparatively, his administration talks the truth and only sensible things that GMA’s years haven’t done, while telling Filipinos that the government is ready to uplift public discourse on issues that affect us and the succeeding generations.

The following are anomalies cited in his speech:

Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCC) issue. GOCC is segment of government that was tasked to take care all the interests of the Filipinos. From 2001, this agency engaged only to their self-interest(getting large amount of allowances and bonuses) while the people’s welfare was being set aside by the management. To stop prevalence of these people including 122 agencies and companies, PNoy issued Executive Orderย  NO. 70 that suspends all their privileges.

Negotiated Contract of DPWH, DOTC and DA. The Department of Public and Highways spends 934.1 Million pesos every year for land improvements and infrastructure yet have we seen a lot of streets and avenues being developed and more efficient to use? Even NLEX is still not a traffic-free way for the motorists. While under investigation, they found out that the supposed budget for the department should only be 600 Million. Grabe talaga. This contract has sent for rebidding to not overprice again the budget.ย  Meanwhile, PNoy has also stopped the Department of Transportation and Communication from expending almost 1 Billion pesos for projects and improvements. On the other hand, they has also computed a savings of 30 Million pesos from purchasing of Spectrometer , a project of Department of Agriculture, used in the field which supposedly asking for a double price. tsktsktsk

Laguna de Bay Excavation. This excavation project costs 18.5 Billion pesos which was not undergone to legal process. This actually is a very ideal project to avoid overflowing of the bay which eventually causes floods. But the catch is, where would the soils excavated be putted?

Agricultural Input Subsidies. This subsidy worth 11 Billion has only been felt by the riches and not of the people who supposed to receive it. PNoy discontinues the subsidies to bring evenly the money to the poor.

PAG-ASA’s Repetitive Reports. The every-six-hour report of Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration has been strictly monitored to an hour reports. This will give us no longer repetitive reports which was evident prior to the monitoring schedule. Also, the government will be installing new equipments to watch firmly the weather condition.

PNoy also claimed that the Philippine economy is starting to be stable and the country’s economic reservoir is starting to grow.

Cabinet Budget. The Department of Education (DepEd) has increased its budget from 175 Billion Pesos to 207.3 Billion pesos which allows the department to build up new 13, 147 class rooms and will provide 10,000 teaching positions. The Department of Health (DOH) also increased its budget to 33.3 Billion pesos that ensures National Health Insurance Progam stable. While, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has doubled its budget to 34.3 Billion Pesos. Moreover, the Conditional Cash Transfer Program will help about 3 million poor families in 2011.

KALAHI-CIDSS Program. Kapit-bisig Laban sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services that aims to empower local communities in targeted poor areas to achieve improved access to basic public services and to participate in more inclusive local planning and budgeting has given an additional 59.1 Million pesos of World Bank. This money will be used to let a larger communities have their electricity, a well-improved streets and a cleaner water supply.

Two-Billion Peso Foreign Investments. PNoy also bragged the two billion pesos worth of investments from foreign companies. With this, it will provide a total of 43,600 jobs nationwide for the Filipinos. This shall be held firm by our government to prove to them that Philippines is worth investing for and that it will attract more foreign investors.

Public-Private Partnership. This partnership will concentrate on work improvement for LRT Lines, new airports for a better tourism, and new schools for continuous increase in student population. Bidding for this will start next month.

Gross International Reserves. Last September 22, The Phillipine Stock Market got its all-time high reserves to 52.3 Billion dollars with its 4196.73 points in Philippine Stock Exchange Index, on of the best performing stock market in Asia. The Millenium Challenge Corporation Grant approves the 430 Million dollars to help Philippine Society.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. This international organization has removed Philippines as tax evader bearer which proves that PNoy’s government has seriously fighting out against corruption.

I hope this serves as a proof of how keen the government is to fight against poverty and corruption. Although, for some it is not a valid evidence of how PNoy deserves the position, I still believe that Filipinos chooses the right.