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Many of us know that poverty in Philippines was caused by high rate of illiteracy. Education has been a problem of many of our fellows leading them towards starvation and malnutrition. In a broader sense, ineffective educational systems bridge us to deliberately still developing category. With that, we are also acquainted that there’s no other way than to reorganize our existing educational systems (except corruption). And that’s what Br. Armin Luistro, DepEd Secretary offers us. CHANGE!

The Department of Education called this program K+12. K for kindergarten which requires children to attend kindergarten first before entering elementary education and 12 for 12 years of staying and learning general education combined before going to college, 6 for primary, 4 for junior high and 2 for senior high.

The senior high allows student to specialize in Science and Technology, music and arts, agriculture, fisheries, sports, business entrepreneurship, and others. This is to make sure that students will choose the most efficient course for them which in return will give them jobs in line with their courses after college.

Pero hindi pa man naipapatupad, binabatikos na agad ng samu’t saring komento from students and parents (masanay na tayo, ganyan talaga dito. All proposals are being placed in the hot spot). Kung ano-anong mga dahilan hindi man lang i-weigh ang pros and cons of this proposal. Filipinos are really fund of complaining all things that badly affect them. Remeber: There’s no greater gain that costs less.

Well, the common critic to this would be “Dagdag gastos na naman yan!” Yeah, it’s true but look at how much will this give you in return. If there’s a will there’s a way. Kung gusto mong gumraduate anak mo that surely has a lot of things in his mind, you can provide his needs, in a good and better way! Bakit mga magulang ko nagawa? If they can, you can! It’s just a matter of resourcefulness.

According to Sec. Armin, if there’s nothing wrong with the system, them why high school graduates were not allowed to work by the localities? Even government do not accept high school grads. Hindi pa ba obvious na meron talagang mali sa sistemang ‘to? Hello? Maraming graduates ang walang trabaho. And if people are insisting that corruption caused this much, that’s already given wala na tayong magagawa but to make sure that in ourselves, we learned and that we can use it for our betterment even outside the country kung ayaw mong nakikitang napupunta sa gahamang ‘public servant’ yung pera mo!

But I wanna tell you this…


School Life Expectancy of 110 countries, UNESCO (to view the entire ranking, just click on the image)


Haven’t you know that Philippines ranks 60 out of 110 countries, based from UNESCO, that has the shortest number of years a student should stay in primary and secondary school before entering college? And look at the first world countries, like US and Japan, they have longer school life expectancy compared to us, although longer school life expectancy does not necessarily mean the country is smarter. But this would probably implies that there’s much experiences and exposure to learning objectives are given to students that stays longer in school. We shouldn’t deny that there are college students who actually speak poor in English. And they lack confidence in facing and talking with the audience (although I’m not saying I’m really good but at least I can!)

Despite of criticisms, DepEd is still serious with this proposal. They held firm on the additional 2 years for high school students as they really need it. The plan of implementing this would be on 2012 for the grade 1 and first year high school. But wait there’s still problem. And colleges and universities shall appeal on this (akala niyo di kayo kasali no! HAHAHA).

Here’s the catch. Kung madadagdagan ng 2 years ang high school span at walang gagawing move for the college sectors, that would mean mababakante ng 2 years ang all colleges and universities around the country. Syempre, instead of entering college after 4 years of high school, they will still have to go to senior high while first year college students will still move up to second year and then to third year. Meaning to say, malulugi ang mga colleges and universities lalo na ang private schools, it’s like closing the unviersities for 2 years. Imagine, for 2 years, walang tao sa university kundi graduating students. Syempre hindi papayag ang mga executives ng colleges and universities na maging ganun-ganun na lang so the tendency is to make adjustments to college years in which college students will definitely be affected. But, for me, this should not happen. It will just add up to the proposal’s opposition. Sec. Armin and PNoy’s government should give an efficient way on how to resolve this. That is the challenge!

Hopefully, everyone would agree to this change we have to face. I bet this is really a spark in controlling poverty. And I’m sure this is a way for a competent and economic-stable country!

Yun lang. God Bless us all! :))