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If there’s one great social journal I could name right now, that’s ultimately twitter! I have been addicted to it just recently because the idea of micro-blogging. It’s actually even better to write a blog like this (sometimes I run out of words, HAHA). But sometimes I asked what micro-blogging would really mean.

Isn’t it something you have think of from that very moment which should always have substance?  Like someone will learn from it, just like normal blogging do. I sometimes asked myself if going to the bathroom, peeing, having lunch or dinner, and any none sense human act is still counted as micro-blogging.

I tried to search what micro-blogging really is about. Although some of my professors were trying to discourage us to not depend largely to wikipedia, I still tried to rely on it just with this case. According to it, as long as it is short and compressed, it’s definitely micro-blogging. Even photo uploads and embedded videos can be considered as it. Well, good news is I’m on the right track.

My friends usually called me twitter addict (well for some, twitter wasn’t widely use in Phil. They prefer facebook more). As I entered school, I should have handed phone in me and should have connected to free Wi-Fi connection. And should have greeted everyone a good morning or else… none! HAHA

I even break house rules of not using phone while class is going on. Good thing, so far I haven’t caught using my phone and never been to disciplinary office because of this.  I love to tweet what profs have mistakenly said like:

Water is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and an atom of ORANGE! :))

I even get bumped to caution boards because of not looking at my way, busy tweeting! Stepped on woman’s foot-finger, slide in a greasy floor, cross the street while looking at phone, review not, and more are some funny moments I experienced because of twitter addiction. (DO NOT SIMULATE ME! I AM A BAD MODEL)

Friends always caught me hanging out at computer facing and updating twitter. If not, I am with my phone’s twitter widgets. This widgets were not referred to me by a friend or by any article online. Because of too much urge to be with twitter all the time, I searched several twitter apps for my phone.


First was the miniopera for Nokia. It wasn’t actually designed only for twitter, just a web browser for phone. So any site that allows mobile browsing can be seen through it. For twitter, it allows mobile viewing and desktop viewing. It is better to use mobile than the standard view if you don’t want to get it all to your nerve.

Second was Snaptu. I find it okay as a free widgetfrom Ovi store. I haven’t tried the other uses only facebook and twitter. Well the design is pleasing and very appropriate for twitter users. The only problem is sometimes it scrolls down even I clicked on the what’s happening and replies button. Maybe it’s my phone’s defect but I guess there’s also problem with how the buttons were organized, which made me move to socially mobiles.

Socially Mobile

Socially mobile is easier to use than Snaptu. The buttons are well-organized and all responsive. It also notifies me whenever there’s new tweet from people I follow. But that happens seldom. Socially will only automatically reload to received new data only after 30 minutes, the minimum. Even I have set Automatic refresh while roaming to yes, it still not reload alone. I have to press refresh all the time just to get updates. Different from Snaptu that receives tweets as soon as it was posted.

There’s a lot more but no use!

Right now I don’t know what to use. I’m still looking for a good widget that will satisfy my ‘twitter needs’. I was trying to install stew but it doesn’t work on my phone. I don’t know what’s the problem with it even I knew it was really designed for xpressmusic phones. Anyway, any recommendation?

But what’s good with this is that I learned  social issues from journalist, politicians, and other great people. I became more aware of the current societal conditions and statuses in and out the country. I’ve learned trivia and facts on some accounts I followed. Interestingly, I found twitter more that way!

The last Manila Hostage Crisis was only known by me through reporters’ tweets (I follow ABS-CBN more HEHE). I was in school during that time and busy with student activities when I found out that there’s something going wrong in Quirino Grandstand.

I almost spend my day in school more than with my family, I go to school in the morning and go back late in the evening. Therefore, I have no time watching television shows or news program. That is why I depend more on people whom I think can give me those information with the use of these gadgets.

Right now, I know I’m still on the right track of using twitter. Some finds it for entertainment while some are just driven of by time and today’s fad. But there’s greater more than that– that is, for social awareness and participation!