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I was surfing twitter last Wednesday when I read a tweet from Karen Davila asking for opinions on Sen. Jinggoy Estrada’s proposal of legalizing  Jueteng  in the country. WTH?! Remember, a mistake can never be resolved of another mistake!

Karen Davila's tweet

Alam naman ng lahat kung gaano ipinagbabawal ang jueteng from the very beginning. Kaya nga nakulong si Pres. Erap e dahil sa jueteng na yan! At kaya nga maraming napeperahan dahil mismong mga pulis sangkot sa anomalyang yan! Nasasabi ko to because I am a witness. Sa lugar namin talamak ang jueteng. Although minsan nagkakahulihan, later of that day makikita mo yung nahuli nagpapataya na naman. And the worst, the jail-in-jail-out scenario is just a normal repetitive scene because policemen make money out of it!

It has been a national issue bata pa lang ako. Yet, until now government can’t make a way to totally pass off that demonic play. E paano sila-sila hindi kayang mawala ‘to dahil sila-sila rin ang nakikinabang dito. If there’s a will there’s a way! Kung gusto niyo talagang mawala yang Jueteng na yan, dati pa dapat may gumalaw na hindi kung kelan magsisiwalat ng mga pulitikong sangkot dito saka lang papakialaman. Ano ka nagpapasikat? Sa showtime ka magpasikat!

There were still many ways to stop Jueteng except your proposal! If Jueteng would be legal then there will be an urge to legal too deviant activities in society! Some would think, if one can be turned to acceptable one then why can’t be done others, right?

Baka sooner today, dahil hindi mahinto ang human trafficking, child labor, drug dealing, smuggling and more, there’s one proud brave senator that will stand up in front of the crowd and will propose to legalize all those! I better get a gun and shot him 1000 times!

I thought leaders think only the best. Why you didn’t?

Anyway, here are some of the comments I have read in Karen Davila’s twitter poll question!

Just click on the image to read everything! :)