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Like how the Da Vinci Code stunned everyone, another writer is trying to surprise the world with the most popular Steam ship’s, Titanic, all-time controversy. I just read an article of Time Magazine that a girl named Louise Patten, granddaughter of the ship’s Second Officer Charles Lightoller, announces the family’s top secret.

Titanic: New York Time's headline

According to her via BBC news, the Titanic’s fall was a mistake of the helmsman and not merely of its strike to the giant iceberg. Instead of turning the ship away from the iceberg (as if working on a  sailing ship and not on steam ship where turning the wheel in one direction produces opposite results to the both ships), he mistakenly operated the wheel towards the ship’s historical end on April 24, 1912

On the secret meeting held during that time, the ship’s officer decided to keep the mistake a secret
for it will be embarrassing to the world if everybody would know it which could eventually lead to

Patten says Charles kept the secret his entire life:

“By his code of honour, [Lightoler] felt it was his duty to protect his employer — White Star Line
and its employees. […] It was made clear to him by those at the top that, if the company were found to be negligent, it would be bankrupted and every job would be lost. The enquiry had to be a whitewash. The only person he told the full story to was his beloved wife Sylvia, my grandmother.”

The time I’ve read this, of course I was shocked but the moment I reached the reason why she was
telling all this, it became somehow intriguing. SHE WAS SELLING HER BOOK, GOOD AS GOLD!!! Anyone will know this would normally ask if this is just a propaganda to penetrate the market. If not, what else? That’s the first thing that come up to me and I guess would apply to everyone.

She has a lot of time to say it to the world yet she only did it when she has something wanted. I am not undermining her, just an opinion! :))