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The Center for Social Action – Advocacy unit, Volunteering unit of DLS-CSB, has chosen me to give a short message on the 38th Commemoration of Declaration of Martial Law from Marcos’ Administration with a theme “Ganito sila noon, ‘wag na nating hayaan ngayon”.  The question was “As a student, how can I help to avoid violence in the society with Martial Law as the reference point?

Below was the speech I delivered last September 20, 2010 in line with a week-long celebration of Martial Law.

While having my speech! :))


There’s a red mark. The darkest shade of red had made a mark in the yellow ribbon.

Screenshot while FM was declaring Martial Law on 1972

This has been the redundant story of my mom. At times, I can’t help but to think if she’s just planting the seed of her thoughts in my mind although for several times I know I already did it in the corners of my ideology. I shall never forget the tons of blood poured into my country—the memory of my abused countrymen at the peak of martial law’s time.

Although we, students, haven’t witnessed this history, as a youth who has been quoted as the hope of our nation, it is our responsibility to get involve with this past. We should be aware of how gruesome this reality was and be open-minded of the possibility of having the same situation at present times.

History repeats itself, as what they have said. If President Marcos did it, why can’t others do it? At times of greed to political power, there is always a way to selfishly control the country. But in this case, let us allow not martial law and any kind of violence that could harm us and our fellow people proclaim it. That said, enough knowledge of how things went wrong in Marcos administration together with Martial Law shall be planted in our minds.

Ignorance to Philippine history is form of treachery. So there is no other time than now to make a move and take a position. Because anytime from now, there would be thirsty man that could over again dictates our lives which could not be possible if we’re only responsive from the call of the society.