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For the past years, I’ve been spending vacation stranded in house. Nowhere to go to and nothing to get busy. Sleep and eat. TV and iPod. Computer and blog. So nurturing, eh? Yeah, physiologically but hasn’t been part of my so called ‘growing ups’nt

That is why excitement of going back to school is not a big deal to me though not too an issue, unlike most students. At least in school, I could have something to work on like school tasks and not just sleep and sleep and sleep if I know I have a lot of time enjoying it in graveyard.

Though I had, this time, differently concept of vacation compared to previous means, I could say this is the best. With the two groups I’ve been lovingly using up my time with, I got a chance of having a worthy and indescribable experience, both spiritually and socially.

I started the break with an outing which turned out into a more expected-unexpected experiences. We planned to go out of town yet we only have stayed in my friend’s condo near school. Availability was really a problem and planning was so no help! Though we didn’t go after the plan, it still turned out valuable and unforgettable. Swimming, videoke, MOA visit, and more. All those made me feel so relax. And more relax as assurance of devotion continuously sparkling in all of us. We all did it in the name of Jesus and not for no reason.

The next day was visit to Hacienda Luisita. I’ve been driven out of the issue to attend the said immersion held by the volunteering unit of my school, Center for Social Action. At times, the interest to the issue really burns me a lot to get involve with it. ‘Coz I believe in the very first place, it is not only the matter of land for the farm workers of Hacienda Luisita, but for a genuine land reform for every farmers. And too, an issue for every Filipinos to take responsibility to call for a true just society!

We spend the 3-day-and-2-night immersion living in together with the people of Barangay Asturias, one of the 10 barangays occupied of the Hacienda. We are trying to empathize with the people of the community to experience how hard and challenging their lives are and how they have been deceit by the land lords, the Cojuanco family. And I guess, partly I understand the entire issue and have already chosen my side of support.

Learning are really important in everything we’ve been through. Because from these, we get to compassionately understand how life constantly varies and affect each others’ experiences that leads to a better comprehension of what life is in society. That is why in my part, I positively look forward to deliberately more experiences which will permit me to use it up for my growth as a man.

Welcome second term. I expect more and a lot! :))