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Today is the last day of Ramadhan, or in Muslim tradition they called Eid’l Fitr. They celebrate it ellegantly and festively with a lot of foods being shared to  everyone in the community, games which added fun to the occasion, and firecrackers that symbolizes joy and merry. But above all, their faithful heart was being surrendered to their Allah (God) in a ceremony (I do not know how  do they call it)

Last morning, we went to Maharlika Village at Taguig. It is a place where all of the residents are Muslims and a proper place for us to join them as our brothers and sisters and as fellow Filipinos.

And this experience is a really an unforgetable one. Ang  sarap sa pakiramdam maging part ng isang okasyong hindi mo kinikilala. And through that event, a lot of bad impressions were being dumped into a cloud of realizations. Hindi naman pala ganun ka nega ang mga Muslim, as what I have thought of before. Although there were some noticeable stuffs, why focus on them kung may magaganda ka namang nakikita, right?

I have also learned a few culture of them. Hindi pala lahat ng Muslims ay pare-pareho. Although they have their own tradition, geographical standards do also affect their culture. For instance, some foods I have ate named differently in other places like tausug. And speaking of foods, they are all palatable. I like the cake (they have their own name for it) they have prepared. I guess, unti lang yung sugar nun kasi hindi masyadong matamis pero hindi rin naman ganun katabang, which is healthy to human body. Another is the rice with adobo covered in banana leaves, parang suman  yung dating and honestly I thought it really was suman. Only I found out when I tried to eat one. And while everyone is eating with their hands, I ate that food the way I do it to suman. HAHAHA. But take note, Ate Yang, the girl who has prepared all these, said that it really was eaten like as I consume it. I’m Full! :))

In that event, I witnessed too how devoted these people are to their God. We were behind them when they started the ceremony. And while all of us are taking that opportunity to nap, they were lively giving thanks and commitment to Allah. Walang nagsasalita while the ceremony is going on. Wala nga atang humihinga e. HAHA. For almost an hour,  boses lang ng pari ang maririnig mo. Everyone is attentively listening to him. May mga bata lang talagang magugulo na wala rin naman nagsasaway. HEHE

Unity was also seen in this occasion. While we are in the ceremony, I have noticed bunch of foods piled up in categories “Babae”, “Batang Babae”, “Lalaki” and “Batang Lalaki”. Hindi ko alam kung may  gumastos nun o it came from contribution. But what I am sure of was that everyone got a food which would mean they do not just prepare foods for their own but it was also shared to everyone equally.

One of the Condominium of the Muslim Community in Maharlika Village

Lastly, their community deliberately shows a culture of Filipinos, the close family ties. Sabi ni Ate Yang, wag daw kami magulat kung  may mga makita kaming nag-iiyakan. It is just a means of reconciliation. Eid’l Fitr is indeed a time of bringing together the  family that surely makes everyone of them close to each member. On the other side, the formation of their house obviously implicates the said culture. Kwarto-kwarto ang mga bahay in big several buildings. Evidently, they are trying to be with their family as possible as they can.

Extra lang. Nakyutan lang ako sa kuha ko. HEHE :))

Islam is truly a rich culture. Iba man ang pananaw nating mga Kristiyano regarding religion, there are indifferences that could be seen among us. And which we should consider to avoid discrimination and all. Kaya nga sa tingin ko nagpaconvert yung  babaeng bisita nila kanina from catholic into islam. She, maybe, realized and found her life as being a Muslim!

Happy Eid’l Fitr! :))