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In line with the Hacienda Luisita Immersion organized by the Volunteering unit of my school, they have required each student who wants to join the immersion a simple essay regarding the issue. So there you go, here’s mine! :))


A long-time issue, a never-ending struggle and a heart-touching story. The Hacienda Luisita issue has already been running for a couple of years from now. Yet, the long run process never hits its end. While time has just erased its significance to some, the spotlight has been moved to several waste of time conspiracy. That said, we have been pushed out of what this country is really facing of– Effective Land Reform.

There have been a lot of land reforms being proposed and implemented before and during the said issue. And, of course, the main goal is to well distribute the land to its benefactors—the farmers. But never of these reforms, like CARP, have claimed the true meaning of land distribution. Thus, making the land owners richer while poorer are the workers.

Poorer not just financially. There have been a lot of struggles these farmers have encountered– from being deceived of the Stock Distribution Option (SDO) to the gruesome Hacienda Luisita Massacre; from the deceitful promises to emotional impairment; and from psychological cruelty to becoming hopeless-optimistic farmers.

The impact of this issue definitely affects the lives of the succeeding generations. In the past two decades, they have grown up with the noise shouting for justice while their parents in graveyard, will not be appeased to rest. And these children, who supposedly playing at their yards will be the heirs of this hostility, therefore, risking their future to a violent condition.

And what shall we do to avoid it? Let us support and empathize to what they are yearning for, now. By means of pressuring the government, I know that in simple act of everyone; altogether, can make a big impact to the country.

We have so much of technologies to use to spread out the news. From Facebook to Twitter to cellphones and all– now is the time to use every gadget properly! Instead of treating this social fads as for entertainment, why not consider it a credible authority?

Lastly, aside from the land reforms, it is still justice that prevail its entirety. There is no other time for ‘just and humane society’ than now. In the end, all of us will be part of the land we are struggling for possession.