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The term has approached its end yet I have considered this trimester the starting point of my great college experiences. It’s actually my second year in tertiary but I have only certified this beginning just by this time. Sounds crazy!

Anyway, I have admitted already that the start of my college life wasn’t really that interesting or wasn’t even like as pleased as my high school days. I wrote of so many blogs about my mind-set towards college moments and I am telling you it wasn’t cool to hear (baka mainis ka lang). But not by this time, coz from now on, I am proud to say that I already have started to grow.

And growing was actually what I was looking for in life. I don’t wanna stagnate in this position. I wanna learn a lot not just academically but with the skills and talents I have granted off and what life can truly offer me. I wanna get involved with school activities and other school matters and be a part of organizations that are professionals and leadership-based. And that what Center for Social Action, Student Council and KKB has given me.

Center for Social Action (CSA)

The center for Social Action is the official and professional volunteering unit of my school. They provide quality trainings and practical exercises to students who wish and willing to undergo several community immersion, seminars, and workshops.

I have joined this unit when I was freshman but I have set aside my responsibility and desire to it because of time mismanagement. And honestly, I regretted being out from the group. I have missed of so many things that I should have already learned up to this time.

But truly, everyone deserves another and more chances. I still joined the unit for I really know that it was want that encouraged me a lot to get back and become a volunteer. That passion really drive me to get involved and be recognized as a volunteer.

That is why on July 23 activity SAMBAHAGINAN at Botolan, Zambales, I didn’t think twice to whether or not joined the Zambales immersion. I am so diffident dealing with new faces yet I have known so many people and new friends out of this experience. But of course, it was not about getting new friends but rather about learning, in deeper sense, the essence of being a volunteer. That being a volunteer is not by merely giving off hands but using your mind and heart in giving off hands.

And now, I am actively participating to its activities and meetings and has been enjoying my decision of being a part of it. Presently, I have committed myself to being a volunteer and soon and hopefully I could really say that I am a certified Volunteer! :)

Student Council (SC)

When I was high school, I really desire to become a member of our student council. Unfortunately, they  didn’t give me a chance to take part to this governing body of school. It’s not because the party we founded didn’t win, instead, at the very first place, they  didn’t allow us to join the election for a very simple reason that we may not concentrate on our responsibilities. They have belittled us from the very start. FAIL.

Be it. Hinayaan kong ganun yung idea nila towards us. Maybe they still have another point na hindi ko lang naintindihan. Anyway, I didn’t lose hope to be part of student council ‘coz I know, only I :), that I am a potential leader. (Kapal ng mukha e noh haha).

When I found an opportunity to join the college’s SC, I immediately joined. And fortunately, nakaabot ako sa first project nila for this school year. By the way, I joined the Office of Vice-President for External Affairs. And so far I like the way everything’s going on.

The VP appointed me as the finance officer. Medyo nangangapa pa ako but at least may alam na ako sa tasks ko. I also have attended meetings outside school. And honestly, I really enjoy being stressed out.

Most especially during the history quiz bee in line with the August 30’s National Heroes Day. I was appointed to work on with the letters (called ppf and mrf) which will be passed and signed by the dean and SC adviser. I, too, was in-charge of the posters, the timer, and other stuffs needed for the quiz bee.

During those times, there were bunch of problems going on in the office. Cramming is the major solution to our problem. And how tired I am to finish everything. I almost run in the entire morning and I can’t almost sit to relax. I have been at school by 9am and the only time I got a chance to rest was late 5pm. Woohoo. Tired but so happy. Being stress makes me feel moving to the point of realizing that I am, at last, growing. :))

Kristiyanong  Kabataan para sa Bayan (KKB)

I don’t wanna introduce over again myself before I became a member of KKB (or if you still want to know it visit this: There’s just a part of me). Only I know is that I have changed a lot because of KKB and of my brothers and sisters, and of God, of course. I have learned so much from this group. I can’t list it down here in particular but generally, they have lightened up my mind towards life.

Before, I have so many questions stacked in my ‘limited brain‘. Questions that have been “logically” and “objectively” answered by my close-minded wits (grabe ang loser ko talaga dati HEHEHE). I believe no one, nothing!

But only after KKB when I felt a total relief in my life. A sure thing that has never happened to me. And I guess nothing else can do the same. Super sarap talaga ng feeling ‘pag wala kang iniisip na problema. This is really a true BREAK!

And I believe I got motivations from this group. Before I became an active member of SC and CSA, it was really KKB that pushed me to my limitless life– by the grace of the Lord. It is really different when He makes way for your life.

Above all, KKB has totally changed my life and still on the process. And that process has contributed to my total growth (total RENOVATION?! Laughtrip to! HAHAHA)

And as I go on may God quid me through this life. And only His purpose, not I, shall be done! UN lang.  BOW! :))