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August 23, 2010 was another day of brutal reality of the Philippines. No one wants it. But no one can’t impossibly do it. And that is clear not by chance that the person who, by nature and by law shall protect us from harm, was the yesterday’s major focus of every mediamen. Who can think that the place where we all witnessed the pledge of our hope was the one currently putting us on shame?

Policemen while near the bus tourist where the hostage taking was going.

An armed ex-policeman senior inspector Rolando Mendoza hi-jacked a tourist bus in Quirino Grandstand, Manila yesterday containing Hong Kong nationals that have gone around Manila as tourists. On the 12-hour stand-off, 10 of the Hong Kong tourists were declared killed although the reason behind their deaths was not immediately clear. The gunman was also shot through the Philippine Snipers, Fit to Post said.

The Hong Kong government issued its top-level black travel alert for the Philippines after the crisis ended, but said it was sending in two charter planes to Manila for the families of the hostages. The Hong Kong government spokesperson also said in its statement that their residents shall avoid all travels to the country while those that are currently residing in the Philippines should attend their personal safety and exercise caution.

This scenario is indeed another disgrace to us and to the Philippines. It was aired to different news channel of the world which include the famous and reliable CNN. It has been a major topic of the world. From being trending to yahoo and twitter to personal chats of people around the world. What now will the new name of our country be?

From Domestic Helpers to fake doctors to ‘Nation of Servants’ and now to hostage-takers? I can’t really believe being known like this. No one deserve it and yet we are all part of this humiliation and dishonor. It is really a selfish battle that was shared to us unselfishly. So ironic but true!

I just found out that the reason behind the drama regards the depression of this man from being thrown out of his position in the Philippine National Police. He wanted to bring back his title and the name he has during his time in PNP. Before this excruciating event, Mendoza had been awarded as one of the top 10 officers of the country. And was discharged in 2008 for the alleged involvement to drug-related crimes and extortions.

Whatever this person has in mind, I don’t wanna judge him for I didn’t know even a single thing about him although I doubt most of the Policemen of the country. For whatever reason I just saw these people do not dedicate their position to the country but only to themselves. (I have thought of blogging about the policemen when the torture video leak to the community before these things. And now, I should really hardly question these people.)

And yet all I know is that negative assumptions, bad impressions, and off-putting descriptions are the sure impact of this incident to the world. Another shameful words may all we hear to everybody. But Keep on going Philippines. It’s part of growing!!! :))