I was on a sociology class when my prof asked the class a common question as to whom will the society blame the negative traits, bad attitudes, or being deviant of a typical teenager. And everybody answered in chorus “PARENTS!!!”, except me!

I wasn’t pretty sure if I too will say the same. Although I know that in that common question, there is a common societal answer. I also asked myself if parents would really be the blame of what awful reality happened to their sons and daughters, despite of the fact that they are at the right age to think intellectually.

There were a lot of ‘worn out’ lives that have been caused allegedly by dysfunctional families, ineffective parents. If everything goes wrong with us, it’s automatically the parents’ mistake. While happy times, enjoy moments and all are always ours. Decisions are our right, yet left turns are made by parents. Really???

I just realized one thing. Whenever a mother bears a baby, they often wish that baby to be intelligent, to be smart, to be achievers in school, to be an honor of the family. They want medals, trophies, plaques, certificates, and more! They wanted to be popular in their barangay. They wanted to be the center of the community. And that is all because of their intelligent-smart-genius little one! (exage ata, anyway better put it that way!)

Thank your husbands if that is the case. But do not be unwind ‘Coz sometimes this supposedly gift is actually a trouble of the family and then of the society.

I have seen so many cases of intelligent people who have lost their ways. Not to mention them, they are actually achievers of their schools yet after elementary and during their teenage, they began being crazy and wild!!! That is when they start to learn smoke, to be addicted to alcohol, to find romances, to be obsessed to illegal drugs which often than not yield to criminal ism, early pregnancy and hopeless future.

That is reality. I got a chance to asked my elementary friend who was actually on that situation. I asked her if why she get pregnant at that early age. Without any doubt, she answered ‘parents ko kasi e’. I didn’t ask any follow-up questions because that alone is too personal and that alone is a fact that teenagers tend to blame their parents of what deviance happened to them.

That is the point. There are intelligent people who lean to be foolish. They know those things are wrong yet they chose to be dead wrong. Self-satisfaction is the effect of it for a temporal time and hard load for the rest of your life. That is what intelligent people, not in general, cannot avoid where wisdom does.

Wisdom is defined as a deep understanding of people empowering the ability to choose or act to consistently produce the optimum results with a minimum of time and energy. In short, ability to distinguish what is the true right from the real wrong.

Intelligence is just an earthly obsession that everybody wanted to have. Everybody seems to be blinded by what they really should possess. It is not intelligent that will drive us to success while success is not DIRECTLY a form of righteousness.

If you noticed, there were successful men who were not really achievers of their days yet they were the people who has been looking up by others. It is because of not intelligence but wisdom that lead them to work hard and be dedicated and inspired.

There is no really secret to success. Only wisdom. But where do wisdom start? Proverbs 9:10 says

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, and the knowledge of Holy One is understanding!

That is why I kept in mind that the moment I have children, I will always pray for these young people to have wisdom for I know this wisdom will lead them to right means and right end.