Yesterday, I received a text message from a friend with regards to Lady Gaga’s Alejandro. Honestly, I was shocked with what I have read. I really didn’t think of that exciting, melodramatic yet danceable song (for girls maybe) has a double meaning, far different from how others interpreted this Lady Gaga’s crazy lyrics.

Lady Gaga

But as usual, hindi ako nagpadala agad sa ‘kalokohang’ to. I love Lady Gaga. Who doesn’t? San ka makakakita ng magandang babaeng nagpapakabaliw para sa career? And the songs? Well, it is really applauded. That is why the first time Poker Face hits the Billboard’s Top 100, I started being crazy to her ( not to the extent, of course :) ). But let me tell you the two different meanings of her song Alejandro!

According to answers.yahoo.com, Alejandro is a song that reflects Lady Gaga’s attitude towards men. She actually base love towards men’s wallet, which in the first place is not actually a form of love. The following are some lines that proves this behavior:

She hides true love en su bolsillo. Bolsillo is a Spanish word for pocket. And this line actually plays a large part in this song.

She’s got a halo round her finger, around you. This lyric actually reflects Gaga’s innocent act to men by wrapping men around her fingers.

I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me; but I just can’t be with you like this anymore…Alejandro. This part shows how she treats men while in a relationship, that is all about lust and financial assistance.

Alejandro, Fernando, Roberto. This multiple changing of 3 names actually reflects her fear of commitment to the point that she even forget what was the name of her lover.

But that’s not all. There is a chain message that has been spreading through out the world with what this song was all about. Maybe if Lady Gaga would know this, she could perhaps ask herself why the meaning was given like that. I mean, maybe she still don’t know what religious views does her song impacted to some. Making it intriguing! Anyway, this was the message I have received regarding this song and was supported by readings stuffs in the internet.( blurtit.com )

Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto actually mean Man’s defender and Protector, Ardent for peace, and Bright or shining fame respectively in which in Christian views actually pertains to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Aside from that, Hotter than Mexico pertains to hell and the babe used in the song was actually pertaining to a child. (given exodus 2:6 which uses baby instead of child).

Incorporating each to the song will produce a lyrics of blasphemy. Here it goes.

“Don’t bother me Don’t bother me Alejandro (God)”
“Don’t call my name Don’t call me Name Bye Fernando(Jesus)”
“I’m not your Babe (child) I’m not your Babe (child) Alejandro (God)”
“Don’t call my name don’t call my name Roberto (Holy Spirit)”

Got it? Well, I do not know how true this one is? But through researching, I’m honestly about to believe. And that she really is Satanic. I better leave to you your choice. I do not want to influence you with this realization. This is just a personal thing being published publicly. I have nothing against Lady Gaga although the content itself is against the lady who turned the world go gaga!