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I was watching GMA news yesterday evening when I read a headline regarding the Philippine Airlines’ (PAL) suspension and delay of flights. This so happens because of the mass resignation of the pilots of our flag carrier PAL. (read: yahoonews by GMANews.tv)

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It really caught my attention for I have remembered what my professor in Economy have told us about the “near-to-death” situation of PAL few years ago. (I just don’t know how many times did this problem happen in the entire life of PAL). According to him, Lucio Tan had already been decided to permanently sign a certificate of bankruptcy to the government. Why? Let me tell you the story.

DISCLAIMER: I really do not know the exact story. This is just according to what I have heard from I guess a reliable professor. If you think there is something wrong with my story, do tell me about it to edit it again. Or if the story wasn’t really true and if you are really well-read about the real point, I may delete this post! :))

During late 90’s, pilots has an intolerable offer abroad. There is really an in-demand call for great pilots. And who the heck would not accept hundred thousands salary for just a month. Here is the deal: The PAL pilots decided not to leave if they will only be given a higher salary, which PAL management unfortunately could not afford.

This is the tragic. These pilots agreed to flew to several parts of the world, then ran off the planes!!! Saklap di ba? How much does a plane costs? Multiplied by let’s say 5 equals hundreds of million. What more if there were more than 5? But it’s not just that. The PAL management had to consider the casualties. Of course because of that affair there were delayed flights which means, for businessmen and VIPs, there were delayed transactions and business appointments. So the PAL have to appease these VIPs (although all the passengers shall be given the same treatment, but to this matter let me focus to influential people). How will they do that? Of course if these people bought class A tickets, they shall have a class-A-like treatment. That means if they bought class A tickets and the flight has been delayed, preferably they shall stay in a class A or five star hotels! Eh how much is one night in a five star hotel including the other expenditures aside from checking in? And it is not just a single passenger. There were a lot!!!

That was the disastrous problem of PAL during those times. And for this reason, PAL was about to close. But the government didn’t allow it to happen that is why PAL is still on its working ground. But the question is why? Why the government didn’t allow it to happen if it has nothing to do with the government or if it was privately owned by Lucio Tan?!

Remember Philippine Airlines is the very first Airline to be erected in the entire Asia (that is why it is called the country’s Flag carrier in terms of Airlines). We are the first country to have it, not China, not Japan, not Thailand and not the other developed Asian countries. Which means it was very shameful to the Philippines if bankruptcy of the very first Airline of Asia had been filed. In that case, the government assisted PAL financially. And in that way, avoidance of disgrace arouse.

And now, another dilemma has been threatening the PAL’s accountability. And I just wonder why these pilots can actually do that. It is really hard to leave an on-going responsibility most especially if a lot of people will be affected. And I guess, lugi na naman ang PAL with this problem and I know the government will still be taking over PAL if not remedied by the management which could possibly happen lalo na’t pinag-uusapan na ‘to sa senate!

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But this is different. But still a form of boycott! Many of them did not show up in their works. Pathetic people! Well, they have reason that they already passed a resignation letter. But be professional men! You know that it has to undergo process. It is not like an excuse letter of absence from an elementary school that after issuing valid reasons will exempt them from absence!!!

As far as I know, PAL has been spending millions of peso for the training of these pilots. How come they have the guts to boycott Philippines?! They do not just put PAL at stake but the entire country.ย  Wala man lang utang na loob. tsktsk! Kawawang Pilipinas! :((

And if all the people will think similarly to these “indebted professional”, naku sa kangkungan pupulutin ang Pilipinas and it might be better if Philippines will be obliterate in maps of the world!!! tsktsktsk!