I remember one morning, an appalling text message from a friend woke me up. It says there, ‘Patay na si Cory’. Without further ado, I turned on the TV and the replay of Noynoy’s official statement was exactly flashing. ‘Totoo nga!’ The only thing I had said to myself.

The Mother of Democracy

Today is her first death anniversary. And I wanted this day to be her’s alone for I know she had given her remaining life to us many years ago yet she had also given us a gift that we and the succeeding generations still enjoy.

I didn’t know her personally but I have known her through her loving heart, through the great things she had done, and through the sacrifices she forgo. Hindi pa ako pinapanganak when she became the president of this country but through articles, and reading materials, as well as the history itself proved me how great this woman was.

You must be thinking of like I was just going in to the flow of how she was described, praised, admired, commended, congratulated and paid tribute by our people. Well, sino nga naman kasing maniniwala sa mga sinasabi ko kung in the first place, I didn’t witness all these ‘stuffs’ I am saying. But who the heck would not know her?

Who the heck would not know the woman who lead the subversion of the will of the people during the EDSA Revolution in 1986? After which was being installed as the new president of the Philippines holding democracy in her hands.

And who the heck would not know the 1986 Time Magazine Woman of the year? Because of her determination to dismantle the dictatorship of the previous administration, he spared no time to set into motion the order of political democracy.

Lastly, sino bang Pilipino ang hindi magiging proud if you have learned that a Filipino had been awarded by the Europe-Based A Different View as one of the 15 Champions of the World Democracy along with Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and other great people . And has also been awarded of various titles in the world. That must be a whoa!!!

These are the proofs that I shall not be questioned to how I admire this person. Too, these are the proofs that the forthcoming youths shall have a valid reason to honor her.

I have read a lot of articles, mostly from Philippine Daily Inquirer writers, who has expressed their emotional yet uplifting praises to our president. And how I wish I could also become one of them, of having a personal connection to President Cory, of having a chance to be with her even for once, and of having a time to know her better. (read more of different articles through this site: http://coryaquino.ph/ca_articles-tributes.asp)

I just wonder sometimes why are we fund of appreciating other people when they are already gone. Honestly, I have just learned a lot about President Cory when she already left. I really examine a lot of reading papers to know this great woman. And I even wrote a poem about her to express how grateful I am to have a fellow Filipino like her, to have a ‘one of a kind’ president!

And I guess, there is no doubt that she really had a full life. Through these praises, admirations and honors, which is because of what she have done, I could say that she really had a life to the fullest! I even remember how Kris described the last minute of our beloved president in her bed. That in a deep long smooth breath, it all ended peaceful!

Hopefully, and I guess everybody hoped for, to have another Cory in our history. To have another leader that will truly lead our way to the straight path. Yet, all of us can possibly be like her. We can be the change we looked for. We all have the capability to do our tasks the same way she did, to accomplish our role the same way she achieved. But there is one thing beyond our doubt, that there’ll be no other Cory Aquino in this world! :))