Below is actually a reaction paper about the 2010 SONA which I did for a friend. I just want it to share with you and hoping a positive feedback. :))

Note: If you are wondering why Son of Ninoy Aquino, it’s just nothing. I just saw it in facebook and thought it’s interesting! =))

Last July 26, 2010, our newly-elected president has delivered his very first State of the Nation Address (SONA). This has to be done to carry out one of the powers of the president so called The Informing Power. As a practice, the president shall report to the people the accomplishments and progress of the country more particularly in Economy.

But since he was only been the president for only few days, what shall he report to the people? Maybe that was the reason why some critics have been questioning the credibility and accountability of his speech, that the speech itself was not entitled to be detailed in the annual SONA.

Well, I guess, there is nothing wrong nor questions to be asked with his address. What shall he brag out of the things he has accomplished if in the first place he actually done nothing yet? I have read several reviews about the speech and most of it agreed upon the negatives.

President Aquino has clearly emphasized the need of cooperation in his line ‘how do we move forward if we keep others putting down.’ True that finding faults to someone else will not contribute to the growth of the whole. And so, appreciation in his speech shall be specified or else we will be stopped and hindered by this destructive thought.

Several political analyst and professors has candidly expressed the dismay on their part regarding the substance of the speech. But as an ordinary citizen, I have reassured by the government to have a society that is just and humane and guaranteed the continuance of our development.

As young mind, I felt the sort of comfort and confidence in his words for I still hope for the betterment of this country. I really believe that one day will come wherein all of us will walk through the right path of life and I do believe that this day has already come with him as the following light.

Our future will pay for the greed of yesterday. I want to quote this line for I know this SONA has been our mere evidence to his promises. With this line, I can see the determination to really restore the country from scrape. He strongly stressed out that there is a need of total renovation to the management of the Philippines.

He has presented several glitches of the preceding administration and I was really stunned to this anomaly. How come these people did that even if they are aware of the present situation of the class E Filipinos? There is really no shame with these people or even conscience residing in them.

I thought the so-called Midnight Appointees are just “stuff” that merely contributes to the corruption of some government officials. Only after his speech that the “stuff” I am calling is actually a major great problem of the society. Well honestly, I am tired of hearing corruption in any political units, to the point of taking it as a normal scenario. That is why midnight appointees were not so big deal to me.

But then I have come to realize that whatever setbacks, minor or not, are still affecting the country as huge as it can be. That is why I am supporting what our president has affirmed. He has really given enough assurance that this country will wake up from nightmares and, in a short process, will definitely boost the economy.

Let us all become one in achieving a fulfillment of our hopes and aspirations for our country. —President Benigno ‘noynoy’ III