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In life, we have to face the reality that people get in and out of our lives. That after happiness and glee, we all end up saying goodbye to each other while next time would be unpredictable of its arrival.

A day is not enough to fill the presence of each one for the long time of missing. And sleepless night together would not load the missing moments of bonding. And sometimes, these day and night would only make you feel alone ‘coz after that time, you know in yourself  that the one seating beside you will be gone for unknown period of time.

‘I know, I have to go away!’ A line in a song that we kept on singing while trying to spend the rest of the hours with each company. We sing while an arm was held in each of our shoulders, while drinking tonic water, while eating crispy pata, while seating in a sofa, and while trying to make the most out of the limited time.

I didn’t feel asleep for I know that closing my eyes would mean wasting my time. Watching the sky is the very best thing to do to maximize time, to slower down the hands of the clock. The lights coming from outside would be gone when the day comes out and as goodbye will shortly be uttered.

The time was kept on running while the both of us was trying to impede it. But who else can stop it? None does not even one!

Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. The only thing we did from that time. Sad emotion has no place between us although I know that emotional is us. No one would let the other know how sad it was to leave a friend. But deep inside is a feeling of strong attachment that was forcefully trying to detach.

And the time of goodbye came. How hard it was to step a foot outside the door. How hard it was to give last words and advices to the both of us. And how hard for us to turn our backs to each other.

I hope Spain and Philippines are not distant countries nor different nations so that we could still see and visit each other. How I wish to be with a true friend that really cares about me while in return being a true friend too. But this is not about gives and gifts. It is the love that generate us to be like that and do it that way.

We yet promise to see each other again while giving presents to each of us. We just don’t know when would that happen. I don’t wanna wait forever nor for a single day ‘coz someone special is worth having and living for. How I wish that next time would be so soon while soon is tomorrow! :((

I wish you the best my friend!!! ;(