For the past two weeks, I almost get rid of my blogging life as I faced so many problems in life. Well I thought this was just about academic dilemma for every midterms and finals period, I always end up cramming. But I don’t really set aside blogging during the past terms because everything I have to do was, I know, under my full control. Alam kong after all those projects and exams and minor hitches, matatapos ko rin yun without sacrificing writing. But this was a different one yet I still wind up composing thoughts and bring these thougths out!
     I do write my drafts every night. Ito yung after-a-day-thoughts sa buhay ko. Kung may maisip akong topic better, at least, my day would end up with realization/s. Kung wala naman okay lang. I still write but not publish. Reason? it’s a personal thing! 
Kaya for the past two weeks, I felt somehow and something incomplete or curtailed or unfinished. Parang may kulang but I know it was blog. But I can’t help it. Sa dami ng iniisip ko, wala ng idea na pumapasok sa utak ko. At sa dami ng gagawin, I find no time for it.
The previous term kasi, the projects were more on academic or let me say creative scheme unlike now, very technical. At ang major problem ko si Alice (3d programming). Paano ba pagalawin ang mga virtual objects like real. Ni palakarin nga ang tao hindi ko magawa ng maayos e what more if I have to adapt fairytale story and use alice to present it. tss
Damay mo pa ang research paper sa Sociology, professional photography in Aesthet, debate in Poligov, every-meeting-quiz of literature, and the worst midterm exams. Plus I have to attend school activities and of course my work and personal problems. Nyay! So far half of it were done but in near future I will be gone. HAHAHA
See? I have to keep back the least (although the most interesting part of my life) important among all. But then, parang hindi tama sa pakiramadam ko na gawin yun. Kaya lang wala naman akong magagawa e. Important is important kahit ayaw mo!
Everytime I visit my site, parang wala na ngang taong bumibisita e. Twas like, the moment I set aside blogging was also the time that my readers set aside my site. And I am so helpless about it. Ano nga naman kasing mapapala ng mga taong bibisita sa isang site na walang bagong makikita o mababasa. And that what writers (although I am not a good writer! sheez.) never wanted to happen. And sorry to me ‘coz it happened!
What I can do for now is to keep on writing and try to get back my readers and my kablogs! And hopefully that would be an easy thing to do. On the other side, alam kong makukumpleto na ulit ang araw ko with this great thing I have. :))