I was on duty yesterday and I was so tired to just looked at the monitor and go to the sites where I could read anything just to spend my time. Social networks were not allowed while on duty but since I was sick of doing nothing, I violated the rule.
     I logged in to my Facebook account trying to read status of folks out there. Nakita ko yung status ng isang fan page. They are haters of Tricia of PBB. But bago ko malaman yun, I thought they are pros. Hindi ko kasi talaga alam na BBE means evict. E since curious ako kung bakit ganun ung sinasabi nila ’bout tricia despite of the fact that they really hate Tricia I asked a question. Tinanong ko lang naman in a HUMBLE MANNER if this page are for haters of Tricia. What the heck did they replied? “Kaya nga BBE e!” (may kasunod pa ata, I forgot e.)
     I don’t really remember the exact words. (I actually tried to copy and save it here kaya lang inerase nila e.) Pero the way they answer was so barbaric. However, I still try to answer back humbly. I said “sorry naman. masama ba magtanong?” And what makes the conversation worse ay dahil sa sinabi ko na, “Panu ba i-unlike ang page? Pro Tricia kasi ako e!” But I don’t mean anything to that. I just asked.
     I don’t know what’s with these shit people pero pinalaki nila yung usapan. Ano nga naman kasing laban ko sa kanila e isa lang ako pero sila sankatutak. I don’t care much to their page but one thing that made me mad was when they posted my name on their status and trying to shame me to everybody. Remember Facebook is a public network. Kaya kahit sino mang tao na ganun ang gawin magagalit!
     As far as I remember, they gave me instruction to how could I unlike the page. The admin said “Go to your Account setting then DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT!” And everybody commented on it laughing. It was really embarrassing so I tried to defend myself still in a humble manner.
     But this guy seemed to have no breeding including all the Tricia haters na nagcomment sa conversation na yun. He actually said that that’s how he welcomes visitor. Hinahamon pa ako na magpasikat sa kanila. Pero hindi ko pinatulan yun ‘coz I dont want to lower down my level to them. They couldn’t really understand my point so I just decided to concede para hindi na lumaki yung gulo. Although, I gave them a piece of advice para at least may lesson pa rin out of it.
     I tried to visit the page kanina to see kung nakamoved-on na sila. But I guess hindi pa kasi the recent post when I dropped by to it was hinahamon pa rin nila ako by seeking for the ‘La Sallista’ guy na nakabangga nila kahapon and that was me. Pathetic people!
     Dahil ako ang tipo ng tao na hindi nagpapatalo ng ganun-ganun na lang, I reported it to the facebook administrator. Well, I guess I am on the right reason to do this. Hindi porket may anti na bumisita sa page niyo e pwede na kayong magbitaw ng kung ano-ano against sa taong yun. Hindi niyo pag-aari ang fanpage na yan or the facebook either para gawin yun.
     I think these people should learn their lessons. That there is still ethics in managing a fan page. And they should also learn kung paano magmanage ng mga ganung bagay more importantly if you were the administrator.
     I also got my lesson. I should try not to be with the people who are againt my perspective lalo na kung yung mga taong yun e hindi nakakaintindi ng point ng iba. I know there are people who were open-minded so I guess okay lang to dealt with them. Pero with these kind of people na nakasagupa ko yesterday, a big NO WAY! 
     Isa pa pala. I should not violate rule. Dahil I got a chance tuloy of meeting these people. Nabadtrip lang tuloy araw ko. HAHAHA. =)