I do not really have any interest to this new classification of teenagers so called ‘Jejemon’. You can see naman siguro that from the very first time of their existence, I hadn’t given little concern to post something for them, only this time. This is because of the so called ‘Jejebusters’. They are the super haters of ‘Jejemon’.

     To those people who do not know who ‘Jejemons’ are, they are those that send text messages in a different way. A way that we find difficult to read about. Like this: ‘eow pfhou !!! kh4muzxt4 q4h?’ (that is ‘hello po. kamusta ka?’) and laugh and smile like this ‘jejeje’ instead of the normal way we do like ‘ hahaha’ or ‘hehehe’. They also have their own fashion style like putting a rainbow-colored cap over their heads instead of wearing it the typical way.

     For me, there’s nothing wrong with there existence. They were just like the ‘Jologs’ of the 90’s. Today’s generation were just being expressive to themselves. But why people are becoming so judgemental? They even defined these ‘jejemons’ as kind of illiterate or low IQ youngsters as if this word really took place to MR. Websters’ dictionary.

      I remember I was watching Comedy Bar of GMA7 and there came a comedian  who somehow attacked these ‘jejemons’. He was supposed to make the audience laugh, but instead, I turned off the Tv madly. I know I shouldn’t have took it seriously but he’s becoming over and hitting the line. I am not pro to these ‘jejemons’ but I am not against to it, either.

     We will not lose everything or even a very little thing because of their presence. We have a choice to not read their messages and not get them on our nerves. But if you still opt to read it, then you are maybe one of the super ‘chismosa’ of town.

     Another thing that forced my fingers to brag this about was the chain message I received from my HS friend. According to it, the word ‘jejemon’ comes from two different words. ‘Jeje’ is from the latin word which means ‘to follow’, or ‘followers’ while ‘Mon’ is from a greek word which means ‘Demon’. Combining the two will lead to ‘Followers of  Demon’.

     I really don’t know the truth behind it. I even googled it just to find out if this thing was true. But with my full effort, I didn’t get any info to confirm and prove the said ‘allegation’.

     While i’m on that process, there’s one thing that popped up on my mind. I am so sorry for this but maybe, just maybe, this was another counter-attack of the disciples of the church. Well, they always give demonic meanings to everything in this world, even the smallest particle that exist. (exage?!) Just an observation! :))

     Anyway, what’s the purpose of being democratic if we always try to criticize each other. ‘Jejemons’ were not a kind of virus that could be spread out easily. It is plainly a fashion where youths have options of getting into it or not. But I guess the mere fact that ‘jejemons’ have known for their differently negative characteristics that were inevitably not accepted by the society because of these wild and hurtful criticisms, they may prefer to not be one of them that may lead to their extinction. Kawawa naman! :(