Tomorrow is the judgment day. I am wondering to what will happen then. I am not a religious kid. But this time I know prayer is what all I need. It’s hard to be in a situation where light and dark are about to clash for dominance. But since we have Him to be at our side, I will just let Him manage the things that people can’t control of.
    Big things will never happen if little proceeds won’t be done. That’s why I have simple wishes that I deeply anticipate to be granted.
Dear Peace,
    I hope you are present tomorrow. Please wash out the minds of greedy people. I know you have the power to be a hero of our people. Please protect us from any harm. Guide us as the people vote and as the election ends. Please be there throughout the process and please, please and please actively participate. I know I don’t have any right to ask you this. But this is all I can do for this very important day of my country. Sorry but I have to ask you another thing for the last time. DON’T BE LATE!
Dear PCOS,
    I am one of the witnesses of your existence. I also raised my hand to use you in the coming election. And I am proud that for the first time, you let us make draw on you. And so my only wish to you is your full utilization. Please do not entertain problems. They will not help, of course. Do not put on stake our trust to you. We need you that’s why we lean on you. And we lean on you because we trust you.
Dear Brain,
    I know you are the reason why we think and have this great intelligence. So let us make use of your whole function to think and decide who among these people are the right to vote for. Please set aside for now all the thoughts in your mind other than this election ‘coz this day will change a lot to us and will modify the land I am standing at.
Dear Truth,
    (On bended knees) Please be there. I am not inviting you to be present. But I am begging you to prevail yourself. Do not hide yourself nor let others conceal you. You are what we need. Our future depends on you. One part of you is a great factor to give a great impact to us. Much more
If you reign your entire nature.
Dear Philippines,
    For the past elections, I know these have been gruesome. Bloody events that happened in the history of yours. Despite of it, I know you are still hopeful. You know that there’s a very little light just in the corner of this box that could widen up to see the new face of yourself. I am a great supporter of you, a follower indeed of your eminence. And so I could promise to you that you still have a very little kid that loves you more than the any other.
     Looking forward is all I have for now. But I still have Him to grant all this. I want to wish this country a good luck. But I don’t want to limit the ability of people to change her in luck. We could depend to ourselves and not to the things the destiny will dictate. We are all capable of pursuing our long-time dream and we all deserve it only if we put into our hands the good things that must be practiced.