Ilang taon na ako sa mundong ‘to pero hanggang ngayon ang alam kong pumatay kay Jesus Christ ay ang ating mga kasalanan. Ang korny kung iisipin. Paano ba napatay si Jesus dahil sa mga kasalanan? Bakit, may weapons ba ang mga sins? Baka isipin niyong ang tanga ko. Well, alam ko namang nagsacrifice Siya dahil sa mga kasalanan natin pero what I am trying to point out is SINO ang tunay na pumatay sa kanya? Pangalan ng mga tao ang gusto kong marinig na sagot hindi KASALANAN!

     Actually habang lumalaki ako, tao na ang mga sagot na naririnig ko. Pero there’s no specific names involved. Basta sinabi nilang Romans, tapos! Sino ba ang nag-utos sa mga soldiers na ‘to? Sabi naman ng iba at based na rin sa mga napapannuod ko, tao ang nagpasyang mamatay si Jesus sa krus. 
      Well, buti na lang at napanuod ko ang documentary na ‘to at least they have given Three names that they believed were the suspects of Jesus’ crucifixion. 
     First suspect was TITUS (hindi ko alam kung ito talaga yung name. Hindi ko kasi maintindihan yung narrator e). He was a high priest of Jerusalem during the 38 AD. And in fact he was the most powerful priest at that time. He has enough political skills to manage the community. He has also the capability to cooperate with the Romans although the church and the state were not that really appease.
     Ipanag-utos niyang ipako si Jesus sa krus dahil sa mga bagay na laban sa kanyang gobyerno. During the Passover, the busiest and most lucrative festival held annually in Jerusalem, Jesus have gathered a lot of people from Israel, Italy and other countries. And that never happened in the history of Jerusalem. Titus cannot afford to be humiliated and he don’t want his authority be devastated so he had decided to arrest Jesus and took in a fake trial. He filed Blasphemy because Jesus destroyed the Temple which means, according to them, attack to God (that was the time where the people sells everything in front of the temple). 
    Titus won the case but the decision has to be finalized by the person higher than him, the governor. And the governor during that time was Pontius Pilate, the second suspect. 
     According to the Bible, he was innocent in the decision of crucifying Jesus. But according to historians, he was an excruciating, gruel and brutal governor. 
    When he was studying the case of Christ, he found Him innocent so he decided to pardon Jesus. But the people started complaining and demanding to get Christ be crucified. He was actually planning to get the mass destroy. But he was the most powerful person at that time and he couldn’t just opt to pardon Christ against the crowd. But he couldn’t also let Christ to be crucified when he knew He was innocent about it.
     He was in-between the line in making the right decision. Despite of the dismay felt by his wife (his wife dreamed one night that Christ was innocent and should not be sentenced to death), he still followed the voice of the crowd instead of his wife (that is because of power).And so Christ was crucified.
     There’s still one more suspect in this history of Catholicism. I bet you will not believe but this was the findings of historians and other investigators. They actually truly believed  that He was the suspect of this death, His own death. You read it right, ‘His own death’.
      So the third suspect was Jesus Christ Himself. They believed that Jesus already knew His crucifixion from the very start, ever since His arrival to Jerusalem. Moses have predicted that the Mesiah will go to Jerusalem riding in a donkey, the same scene in the arrival of Jesus Christ. He also knew the person , HIs apostle, that will betray him. And of course that was Judas Iscariot.

     In the very first place, He had predicted that it was His own destiny to be crucified and died and that was the will of God. He destroy the temple because He knew that the Romans will use it to file Blasphemy to Him. And during the trial, He actually had enough strength and time to defend Himself. But He didn’t do it because that’s what He wanted to happen. And that happened.

     It depends on you to whom will you blame the the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This is just a guide based from the documentary I have watched. I, myself, also get curious about it. But I don’t think I have a right to think this way. Why? It’s a big secret! :))