I remember this line, ‘Do not eat the food’, during my Religion subject with Dr. Maningas (he is a very good teacher, believe me!) when we were discussing the origin of Christian Morality. This line was part of the message given by St. Paul to Pagan and Jews. He said,

“It is not wrong to eat the food offered to idols. However, if you know that eating the foods offered to idols will make your brothers and sisters be scandalized, FOR THE SAKE OF CHARITY, ‘DO NOT EAT THE FOOD!'” 

         While my teacher is discussing this, I don’t know why but an idea popped up on my mind.That the concept and message given by St. Paul is very applicable to our current situation. That Pagans, in someways, can be compared to those who are selfish, self-centered, and egoistic while the Jews are those who are subjects of complaining everything without doing anything for change. Hmmm.

     The story of Christian Morality goes like this. During the Period of Apostles there were two kinds of  Christianity: The Pagans who were turned to Christians and the Jews who were also baptized to Christians. The Pagans before becoming Christians believed that nature was their Gods: The oceans, the forest, the sun and everything. They worship those things by conducting rituals and by offering foods. The foods offered to their Idols (the Gods) were also eaten by the people because they believed that no one will really take it and will just get rotten and spoiled.

     On the other hand, the Jews, same with the Pagans, also offer rituals and foods. The only difference was that the Jews never ate the foods offered to their Idols. According to Jews belief, it was a sign of respect. It symbolizes authority and sovereignty.  Foods for the Idols are meant for the Idols  and not to anybody else.

     This indifference made Christianity in early period at a big stake. Whenever they offer foods to their Gods, the Pagans ate it for the same reason as mentioned. This made the Jews protested on the behavior of Pagans. Just protested but never moved.

     After discussing I realized and asked if when will be the time wherein St.Paul will go down the Earth and go to the Philippines and say the same message he had given to the Christians? When will he be here right by our sides and start pointing out those contemporary Pagans that are soon to be executed. Ferocious? Maybe, but they deserve it.  When he will be here and dress down the modern Jews that protesting is not enough to change things everyone  wanted to see?

     Greediness is present in all society. The main thing we have to do is to make sure that it will not dominates us. And that we should avoid it. To the “Pagans”, when you will realize that because of what you are doing, everyone suffers? And what you are doing is nothing but a sin? And to the “Jews”, do not just voiced it out. Make a move. Walk your talk!

     To you, do not just read this, understand it!!! And please… DO NOT EAT THE FOOD!!!