I while ago I went to Paco, Manila with my teammates to have our community service for our NSTP class. We were assigned at BRGY. 842 of that district. We arrived late ‘coz we have no idea where that place is  and what destination shall we go through. But still, we were able to arrived to that place and started our voluntary service. 
     When we were there, a social worker assisted us to get familiar with the place and the people around us. They guided us to the place where we conducted our tutor session. The place is just like a small alley, it was really tight or a “threadlike” way. Although the setting is like that, we enjoyed our stay there. 
We don’t know what to do with the kids. We have a plan but we don’t know how will we execute it to that kind of area. But we need to come up with our objective so the assigned facilitator for this day (Calvin, Rob, romeo, Anthony, and Michael) tried to adjust so they can manage the situation. Cha and the other guy (I forgot the name) where the ushers and I was assigned in documentation (so do not look for my pictures haha).
     We started it with, of course, prayer then the undying and the most popular get to know part. There were only 16 students to be tutored ages between 7 and 10. They were nice kids. Hopefully that’s till the end and not just by now. All that 3-hour session was just alloted for knowing each one of us. The following weeks are for the real peer-to-peer tutor sessions. 
     Since we are teaching junior students, food should not be out. At around 10:30 am, we distributed the foods. We are also longing for this time ‘coz we are all hungry haha. Good thing is that the social worker let us logged out at around 11:00 am although we are required to be there for 3 hours thats 9am to 12 noon  Yeepee!!! 
     First day was the best! Thanks for this moment. I am excited to teach those kids ‘coz they are like my nephews. They are all cute. Can’t wait. NSTP rocks! I enjoyed it.
Other photos taken:

Name tag making. Wala kaming table so sariling sikap yan!

Name tag distribution. May talent portion yan bago makuha yung name tag then ung name tag ung award like a medal haha
Discussion proper. They are talking about talents and skills just to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence. nakuha pa nitong magpost haha.
 Before ata magstart ito. Nagkakagulo pa ang mga bata.

 My team. From left is Michael, Anthony(katukayo), Rob, Calvin and Cha(endorser ng Zesto)

 Break time. Our students while eating.

Nice shot Rob. Patapos na to kaya picture taking na. lol 
Social Workers. The two parents there were our guidance. They are both good and very approachable. Well, we are known for that!
 Prayer after class. We pray before leave this place. Smile!!! shot
 Buhbye. Whatta wonderful day! See ya next week!