Yesterday, me and my friends decided to watch the World Pyromusical Olympics at SM Mall of Asia. We are only five then but it was a very nice experience. We decided to meet at 5pm but as usual, Filipino time, we all met at around 7pm. Super late hahaha. But we are not late in watching the fireworks cuz, then again Filipino time, the event did not start at exactly 7pm. In fact, an hour later when the night was lighted up.
     But before we watched the fireworks, we really didn’t want to buy tickets. Only in last minutes when the urge of having a ticket and entering the exact venue came to our minds. Carla, Aleana and Kriszia bought 100-peso tickets (gen.ad) at ticketnet outlet but unfortunately the event started suddenly so they closed the booth (baka manunuod din sila! haha). In my good fortune (haha), there’s a guy beside us selling a 200-peso tickets for Php100.00 only. Not even thinking twice, we hurried to buy the tickets then go to the entrance gate although there are a lot of people blocking the gate. We almost forcibly push the people around us just to present our tickets and enter the seaside (Buwis-buhay tawag ni Aleana makapasok lang hahaha). And we also shouting that we the grand daughter of Mr. Henry Sy was with us (si Aleana haha). Then it was changed to her being a SM scholar. We can’t help but laughed and laughed and laughed.
     And yes, we were there! The fireworks we were longing for was right in front of us (drama). I hurriedly bring in my cam then get some shots while recording. While watching the fireworks, there’s a feeling of relaxation and calm in me. Oh! Philippines presentation was very very nice. It held the flag of the Philippines up and with honor. The display complements to the choice of song. Its like every minute, audience  are screaming of joy and applause seemed to never fade and even more when the display was about to end. Philippines has a lot of surprises that really amazed its audience. When it was done, I said to myself (and I think everybody did), I am even more proud to be a Filipino.

     We tried to moved even closer to the seaside. We sat at the VIP’s chairs (haha kapal ng mukha). We don’t know that that place was for Patrons. We just sat there as if those seats were really intended for us. Then we started laughing and all those stuffs. That was really a great night. We bought Zagu (wala pera e) then started our ever-missed story-telling portion. The topic? Of course college life. Aleana and Carla are the jokers and we were the followers. Always second the motion haha! 
The crowd during the national anthem of USA
     After an hour, I think, the presentation of US started. First the National Anthem of them then followed by their well-prepared Pyromusical display. Their presentation was really nice (but not as good as us). Most especially the introduction. On the latter part, it was kinda boring. But they have captured again the eyes of everybody when “The Prayer” played. The song fits to the fireworks as if you are in a religious event. That part was so amazing. It ended with a shot-gun fireworks (pauso? lol).
Medyo malabo kasi manhid kamay ko e!
    After that, we ate at blue wave. We are actually struggling to where we would eat because every restaurant and fast food chain were loaded of so many attendees. We went to jollibee to macdo to KFC to Chowking to Mang Inasal and to Paotsin to Hen Lin and to Rice in a Box at Hypermarket but in the end none of the mentioned we were able to eat. Sa sobrang kagutuman we made trips to whatever things our eyes can see. Sipain ung mga taong nasa unahan namin. Run for our lives in the middle of the street. Pagtripan ung lalaking nag-eemote sa pagkanta. At ang pinakamatindi pagkainteresan ang mga busina ng mga sasakyan. Mga businang mala-utot, businang kumukulot at ang pinakamatindi businang bumibirit (hahaha. I can’t hardly speak ‘coz of my stomach had been locked of air to breathe.) 
     Before we parted we have decided to attend again the next presentation next Sunday (actually every Sunday). I am really so excited for the next Sunday. After those laughters and funny stuffs, I wish that night didn’t end. Or that night was always my night and day!!!
To watch the fireworks presentation of the Philippines, click the link below.