Today, I am celebrating my 17th birthday. Nothing’s new! One day being my day and after it nothing! My birthday is just a normal and ordinary moment for me like spending each day of my life with anybody else. But this celebration is the most memorable among all and I am really thankful that its my new classmates and friends that made this thing possible and because of that they painted a very huge smile in my face!
I didn’t expect anything today! All I know is that I don’t wanna go to school. But I have no choice but to got to.I went to school having an aura of what I really have. Like what I have said nothing’s special. When I entered the classroom my classmates greeted me “happy birthday!!!” and I saw notes written at the board. I am really contented with that. A simple greeting is enough for me to satisfy this day, my day! The first class started. The atmosphere was the same, just as the typical aura of a class discussion. My prof presented his PowerPoint-lesson. At the end, there’s a slide saying “happy birthday Anthony Gaupo”. And I was surprised! (thanks sir!). Then, he said that my classmates have a surprise for me.
Brian(tnx!) asked me to go with him at his locker. I go. I really don’t know what will happen next if I enter again the room. Also, I am not expecting what surprises they might have prepared. When I got there, I open the door like I open it normally. I was shocked when I saw the fluorescent lamp switch off, Reg (tnx!) holding a camera, every eye was on me and a candle lighted above a cake. I move out of the room as I saw it. They asked me to enter and so i did but shy! They sing a song and presented a gift!!! A gift that I really didn’t expect.
I blow the candle light of a red ribbon cake held by Kia (tnx!). I don’t know what to do. I was shy but most of it was covered of gratitude, overwhelm and a feeling of a special! Sophie(tnx!) gave the gift to me. I opened it then I saw a phone kit. Its 3310 box! Honestly, everything inside of it is really appreciated, very much appreciated. She asked me to open it then I saw a Samsung phone. WHAT is all I can say!!! I hug them all! The very special thing was of course when Kia kissed me! (tnxtnxtnx). I will not deny that! hehe
Kia, Jo, Brian, Sophie, Oti, Reg, Muriel, Daph, Karla, Ferdie, Kim, Vitto, Bhabes, Wendy, She (grace hehe), Calvin, Peter, Miko, Jasper, Evan, Charles, Albert, JT, JP, Pugs, Cha, Josh, Alvin, Karen, Kenneth, Paul, Jethro, Hervie, Katie, and Jc! Thank you all! SUDOME, I love you all!!! I know you are the people behind this. Its too much from the simple happiness I only asked. I will really treasure everything from you! And I will be always reminded that I have a celebration that is very very much special. Your notes in the folder by Jo (tnx) will be my proof that this day really existed.

I feel til now that that moment was still in here! That I was still surrounded by the people I thought will be hard to deal with (sorry po). That I was in the middle of the class still don’t know what to do because of the astonishing celebration they have prepared! That I was standing in front listening to the song they are singing! And that I was making a face of gratefulness, thankfulness and blissfulness that seem to never fade.

This day really marked a place in my life! It will be added to the collections of what should I reminisce when I get gray. And this celebration is enough for me to not celebrate on the next hundred years of my life! You filled it in advance!!! Like what I have said to you, this was my first big surprise in my life! I don’t really expect this from you! That’s why you are really special!

Thank you to the nth times ‘Coz there’s no word that can describe how grateful I am being with you all! Tnxtnxtnx! GOD BLESS US ALL!!!