Last time I posted here about the so many projects I have for the last two weeks of the term. That include the project in natural sciences which is the PBL presentation about ecstasy.
I went to Metropoint to asked if they can make some remedy about the project. If they can make the video clearer. Unfortunately, no one knows how to do it. So I went home to make myself relax and not feel stress on the project.
Its already eleven in the evening when my sister decided to open the computer. Actually I’m afraid to open it ‘coz the last time I used it to burn that project, it shut down so I went to bed for me not to be blamed. haha!!!
My sister asked my other sister, “why database occur in the computer? Ayaw ma-open” I heard it from bed!!! My body starts sweating. Oh my God!!! What am I going to do???
Then a while later, it was opened. Hoooh!!! It was like I was plead not guilty for the crime I really did!!! I’m then confident to sleep.
I can’t sleep so I decided to try again converting the video I made. I was hopeless but still I tried. I asked my sister to just close the program if nothing happens!!!
A minute or so, she called and asked me to close the program ‘coz the system was getting slower. Since, I was hopeless, I agreed. But when I open the unfinished converted video, the video became clearer.!!! Yahoo!!! this was so unexpected!!! Serendipity!!!
I beg her to just use the computer tomorrow ‘coz I will fully convert the video into mpeg files. I started converting at 1 in the morning and finished at about 2! Even I was so sleepy, I waited for it!!!
Thank God!!! Though it made me dizzy the following day, it was a very fulfilling experience!!!
God is really so good!!! He didn’t let things became worse!!!