We only have two weeks before the end of the term. Instead of partying with friends, I spent the days with these damn projects!!!
We have a lot of projects and requirements needed to pass the course. Lahat ata ng subject may project e!!! Bad trip!!!
From bible down to Natsci!!! I hate all of these…
We have bible of my life for bibstud, a movie review for comski, damn food festival and museum review for history, three reaction papers and two poems in joseriz and the PBl for Natsci…
What??? And today is the submission of some while the others are within this week and on the next week…. urrrgh… I’m tired!!!
Last night I finished editing the PBL presentation and I had a problem burning the files. After it was burned, the video became blurred. What a problem??? I don’t know why, but it ruined everything, most especially my effort including my sleepless night!!!
Instead of worrying about it, I said to myself “be it”. I have no idea on how to make some remedies with it. Lets just face the truth. The truth that that project will flank!!! haha… But, I think we’ll still have grades naman e so ookay lang!! (bagsak nga lang!!! haha) =))
On thursday we’ll have the “food festival”. Food festival daw pero fiesta naman pala!!! Bakit yung food festival na pinuntahan ko hindi naman parang fiesta? This is just to show the dishes of the different regions. Why there are games and whatsoever that are not included in the said “festival”? ookay lang kaya sila??? Tanggap ko sana kung yung title nun “Happy Fiesta!!!” but the thing is not like that. tsktsk… pahirapan ba naman kame!!!
On Saturday we’ll have the make-up classes. Make-up make-up make-up!!! puro na lang make-up!!! katamad na to ahh. .
Weekend… I will finish my “bible of my life”. Ayy mali pala. Dapat I will start my “bible of my life” ‘coz i haven’t even started yet. haha… Pasaway!!!
Wish me luck!!! and hope that I will have the courage to do all of these!!!