Today is the presentation of the movie assigned to us. It was Jose Rizal class then, when I was bothered about the sudden reaction of a girl if she watched the video whose content was all about her.
Before my group mates shoot the scene I asked them if they already compromised it to the girl involved. It goes like this, ” Guyz, sinabi nio na ba toh kay k****?”. They replied, “hindi pa e,” I shouted panu kung magalit siya?”. They answered, “i-shoot na natin para kung pumayag man siya o hindi, nagawa na natin. No choice na siya!!!” then laugh. I smiled just to ride with their laughters.. Then I just sat at the back thinking if I were in her placed, what would be my reaction to it!
I felt guilt when I realized the things me and my classmates did bad to her. The teases, the “devil” laughters, and anything that made her feel like she was all alone. I want my group mates to talked about it but I don’t have the courage to do it so ‘coz they might misunderstand the things I might say. I just wait for the moment of presentation.
This is it!!! The moment has come. When she entered the class I kept on looking at her thinking of her reaction to what will happen next. The video was viewed. She was in front watching the video. She wasn’t shocked ‘coz my group mates had already informed her about this. I just don’t know when. She smiled as everybody smiled. She laughed as everybody laughed!!!
During the evaluation of the video, my professor asked her about the video. My prof said, “k****, what can you say about the video knowing that it was you who was impersonated and viewed?”, (something like that, I forgot the exact words!)
” Sorry kung may mga mali akong nagawa.” She replied in teary eye.
Despite of her emotional moment, she kept on smiling and laugh as possible as she can. I noticed that she was about to cry but she tried to stop her tears from falling to hide the feelings she had that time.
Only then when I realized the real intention of the group as our professor implied it. That was to made everybody realized the wrong doings they did as a student especially to this girl. The teases, the bully, the peer pressures, the blackmail and everything!
My professor actually praised her for giving that answer. ‘Coz the mere fact that the video was not meant for her, she accepted the things that sometimes made her classmates, including me, against to what she did.
My eyes were only glancing for someone and that was to her. She kept making herself stronger ‘coz she laughed even though there were tears suspended in her eyes. She always wiped the tears on her eyes out not to show loneliness!!!
The day ended in reconciliation!!! I hope these were all sincere and not just for personals’ sake!!!
Lesson Number 1:
Do not look at yourself as if you are perfect. You might hurt someone without noticing it ‘coz you look at this person differently!!!

Lesson Number 2:
Look at a person on their good attributes not on their negative side. This will make her realized the things he/she did wrong!!!